Backlink - Definition and impact on your SEO ranking

When it comes to SEO, backlinks play an essential role. They tell users where to find information or a product externally. They also enable us to pass on the popularity of one website to another. This article will guide you in understanding backlinks and explain their impact on [...].

When it comes to SEO, backlinks play an essential role. In fact, they show users the external location of information or product. They also transmit the popularity of one website to another. This article will guide you in understanding these inbound links and explain their impact on your SEO positioning.

Understanding the concept of backlinks

In SEO terms, a backlink is a hypertext link inserted in content that points to another website. This link allows users to discover that similar information or products are also available on other related sites. By inserting these links, we are in a way recommending these sites to users. Google uses this notion of trust, known as "TRUST", to determine a site's ranking in search results.

For a backlink to be considered relevant by Google, it must meet three main criteria: 

  • relevance, 
  • confidence 
  • and diversity. 

This back link is considered relevant if it comes from a site with a similar theme to the content. In addition to the trust placed by search engines in backlinks from government sites, the diversity of external links adds an impactful dimension to SEO.

Understanding the difference between internal and external backlinks is essential to improving your SEO. An internal backlink is a link from your own website. The latter is used to facilitate user navigation through your content. On the other hand, as part of an SEO strategy, you generally use an external link that refers to links from external sitesin the off-page context of your site. 

How backlinks work

In HTML, a backlink is created as follows: <a href="/en/ » »/">link anchor</a>. The link anchor consists of one or more keywords which are clickable and redirect users to the target page.

You need to understand that the link anchor must be closely related to the content of the page. For example, if you insert a link about a strawberry plant in an article describing the cultivation of sweet potatoes, it will have little impact. On the other hand, if the link is integrated into an article describing strawberry fruits, it will have a significant impact. consistent in Google's eyes.

Before inserting backlinks, a good SEO must follow a few rules. First of all, he must check the authority and quality of the site he wishes to link to. Secondly, he must integrate the link in a natural and logical way. The link must be inserted in a relevant context. As far as content is concerned, make sure it is semantically coherent, dealing with business-related topics.

Importance of backlinks for SEO positioning

Backlinks play an essential role in a website's popularity. Indeed, Google attaches great importance to sites that offer quality, informative content on a given subject. So when a site benefits from several backlinks from quality content, it has the potential to reach the top positions of search results.

There is a close relationship between backlinks and the Google algorithm. The algorithm is designed to improve the relevance of search results based on user queries. Based on the data in its index, Google filters out content that matches the keywords entered by the user. To improve SEO positioning, it is recommended to place links within a paragraphtaking into account the semantic dimension of the content.

Backlink creation strategies

The concept of "link juice" is widely used in netlinking strategies. It's the key to obtaining quality backlinks. It involves judiciously insert hypertext links into a page to improve SEO positioning with sharing notoriety. For example, if you have an article with 3 backlinks to other sites, the share of notoriety is passed on to each of these sites. In this way, they benefit from a better visibility through backlinks, provided the article is of high quality and well optimized. 

Best practices for obtaining quality backlinks

There are several ways to obtain quality backlinks. The first is to use guest articles to boost your positioning and your site's popularity. You write optimized content that will be published on another site with high search engine authority. This practice allows you to reach a new audience and increase your reputation.

Another option is to buy backlinks on secure sites such as BoosterLink. By registering on this platform, you can obtain thematic links to optimize your SEO strategy. It also gives you reliable indicators to guide you towards the best backlinks. What's more, you can buy links from popular sites to improve your traffic.

Mistakes to avoid with a good netlinking strategy

It is crucial toavoid spamming to quickly achieve better SEO ranking. It's best to opt for a natural approach to avoid penalties from search engines. Wherever possible, it's advisable not to insert backlinks in the footer or related elements. Although this is a common practice due to its simplicity, it has less impact due to Google's powerful algorithm.

Current backlinking trends

According to John Mueller, search engines such as Google are placing less and less importance on backlinks as a ranking factor in SEO. While backlinks are still important for crawling, there are now other ways to improve a website's authority. These include link exchanges, buying backlinks or guest articles.

New approaches to obtaining quality backlinks

However, to achieve good netlinking in 2023, it is essential to meet three criteria: 

  • the theme, 
  • anchoring,
  • and the quality of referral sites. 

When it comes to the theme of a backlink, it's crucial to adopt a logical approach. For example, it's far more relevant to insert a hyperlink about plumbing into an article describing how to repair a leaky sink.

Anchoring also plays an important role in today's netlinking. It is therefore recommended toinclude site name or URL. Neutral anchors such as "here" or "on this site" can also be used. The quality of referring sites is also a strategic aspect of SEO. It is essential to choose partner sites with care to ensure correct positioning.

The impact of strong brand positioning on website visibility

Brand positioning plays an essential role in a company's SEO strategy. This puts the emphasis on webmarketing actions such as link building. It also leads to an editorial positioning that defines the company's theme and the type of content it needs to produce.

Quality content: SEO's number one ally

With the advent of artificial intelligence, many SEOs and webmarketers are wondering whether to exploit it or banish it. However, the real question is: how can they be used to create relevant content, in line with web users' needs? Well-written content with a unique style will have a greater impact.

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