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The effectiveness of netlinking in optimizing a site's referencing is unquestionable. However, this strategy requires a substantial budget in the absence of a high-performance network. However, not all companies just starting up have the financial resources to be able to run a quality netlinking campaign. Partnerships with webmasters are not for everyone either. As a result, some professionals have decided to opt for e-mail spam in order to obtain backlinks. Personally, I find this strategy unproductive and time-consuming. What's more, it requires numerous exchanges with no guarantee of results.

Fortunately, the techniques and mechanics of netlinking have evolved considerably in recent years. Not least thanks to the emergence of netlinking platforms. These sites facilitate buying and selling links to improve website visibility. What's more, exchanges between users are generally simple, fast and efficient. This saves time and money. Among these platforms, Dealer De Temps seems to stand out from the crowd. In fact, it's becoming a popular platform in this market. So I decided to give it a try and find out what makes it so successful.

Creation date :2020
Number of Partner Sites :Over 60,000
Price range :Free by exchanging links, credits can be purchased (from 223€).
Possible delegation :❌ No

  • A new and already popular platform
  • Extensive network of partner sites
  • Guest article credit exchange system
  • Access to a wide range of themes
  • Responsive support and user guidance
  • Affordable rates and sliding-scale credit system
  • Quick and easy interface
Weak points
  • Credit system can make price comparison difficult
  • Platform focused on the French market only
  • Less extensive link catalog than some competitors
  • Users can only use credits on the platform itself.

Introducing the DealerDeTemps platform

DealerDeTemps is a platform that appeared on the market in 2020. It is therefore fairly recent. Yet it is already one of the most popular on the market. In fact, its success in the world of SEO was not long in coming. Its creator has left nothing to chance.

DealerDeTemps is the meeting place for SEOs and website owners. Indeed, this French netlinking platform offers site owners the opportunity to buy backlinks. The aim is to help them improve their SEO.

In addition, Dealer De Temps has succeeded in developing an extensive network of partner sites. These sites are of the highest quality, and have proven expertise in their field. As a result, sites wishing to improve their traffic can look forward to rapid and effective optimization of their online presence.

DealerDeTemps' ambition is to be a a mutual support platform for webmasters. It brings together over 60,000 sites with 27 different themes. What's more, its catalog includes both the biggest media outlets and less popular sites. You're sure to find the ideal partner for your netlinking campaign. To date, over 6,000 exchanges have been made possible via this platform. A situation that will evolve rapidly over the coming months.


DealerDeTemps is a platform that connects SEOs and website publishers. Its features are designed to facilitate the exchange of articles without having to compromise on quality. On this platform, you can exchange directly with the people you want to collaborate with. I can say that the time saved is colossal.

How do backlinks work? Guest articles can contain one or more links that redirect readers to a partner's site. As a result, the partner's reputation and traffic increase. The webmaster, for his part, obtains a quality article that will enrich the content of his site. What's more, he'll earn credits. As a result, DealerDeTemps aims to enable a win-win exchange between users who decide to collaborate. In addition to offering free solutions.

Dealer De Temps brings together different profiles of web administrators: bloggers, e-commerce site owners, media... All can find collaborators on this platform who can meet their needs. The first step in this adventure is to register on the platform.

Registering with Dealer De Temps is a straightforward process. All you have to do is go to your browser and enter the company's official website. On the platform's home page, you'll find a registration form. To create your account, you'll need to provide your e-mail address. You'll also need to choose a password and confirm it. The instructions are simple and concise. You'll have no trouble following them.

Link selection

When you have finished creating your DealerDeTemps account, you must buy credit. This will enable you to use the site's functionalities. Then you can start looking for spots.

Dealer De Temps has established a system for classifying sites and blogs. In the catalog, you'll also find all the information you need to make the right choice. I advise you to pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Site domain name
  • Number of credits the site owner requires for a publication
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow
  • Link theme
  • Traffic
  • Keywords to position on Google
  • Presence of shortcuts to link profiles on Ahrefs or SEMRush
  • Publication guidelines

At DealerDeTemps, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to finding quality links. In fact, you can buy links from today's leading media. However, this will cost you more than a medium-sized site.

Purchase and publication

One credit, i.e. 15 €, is all you need to buy a link on DealerDeTemps. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay more if you're looking for quality links. In fact, the credits that site owners charge for their links vary according to the quality of the sites in question. The maximum I found during my last visit to Dealer De Temps was 8 credits.

Please note that you may not be able to see certain sites in the catalog. This is because DealerDeTemps integrates a feature that allows site owners to "camouflage" some of their platforms. This option can be found in the privacy settings. Its purpose is to ensure the security of certain highly visible platforms. Only users with enough credits to complete a transaction can view these sites.

The quality of backlinks is extremely important for effective SEO. That's why Dealer De Temps has laid down a few rules regarding publication. For example, editorial guidelines must accompany guest article submissions. DealerDeTemps algorithms then check that these criteria are met before authorizing publication.

For example, publication instructions must specify minimum number of words and images for each item. They must also include maximum number of links. On Dealer De Temps, you can also personalize your instructions.

These provisions testify to Dealer De temps' determination to ensure the satisfaction of its users. But that's not all! The platform limits the number of themes a site can offer. This is to prevent hard-to-find sites from invading the platform.


DealerDeTemps puts at your disposal a Frequently asked questions. In this section, you can find other users' problems and answers to their questions.

For example, in the FAQ section you'll find tutorials on how to optimize the formatting of articles that you can submit to a webmaster. I find this section interesting, as it saves you from getting rejections or having to make tedious modifications.

If you have any other requests, I suggest you use the contact form. However, you must be sure to enter your contact details in the form. This way, the DealerDeTemps experts can get back to you via your e-mail inbox. Generally, response time is one hour maximum.

DealerDeTemps advantages & features

DealerDeTemps is a platform that operates on a credit system. These allow you to propose a guest article to other sites. To earn credits, you need to exchange guest items, opt for sponsorship or make a purchase.

Guest article exchange

On Dealer De Temps, you'll find a "My sites" tab. This section allows you to add your sites and accept guest articles. If the articles in question meet your expectations, you can publish them. In exchange for publication, you earn credits.


To make a referral, go to the "My account" section. There you'll find a referral link to send to your contacts. Make sure you've done everything you can to convince them to sign up. Every contact you encourage to join you will earn you a credit.

Buying credits

On DealerDeTemps, you earn credits every time you publish an article. However, I'd like to remind you that publishing is not the only way to earn credits. In fact, you can buy them. The platform offers packages that I find quite affordable. This initiative aims to make netlinking accessible to all budgets.

All in all, Dealer De Temps offers you a range of link-building solutions. If your budget doesn't allow you to buy links, you can earn free credits.

DealerDeTemps' weaknesses

The DealerDeTemps platform has a few drawbacks. Personally, I find the credit system innovative. However, it prevents price comparisons with other competing platforms. What's more, the closed-circuit nature of this system can be disturbing for many. Indeed, on Dealer De Temps, the sale of a link enables you to acquire new credits. Nonetheless, you can only use these credits on the platform herself.

On the other hand, DealerDetemps caters exclusively to professionals on the French market. So if you're looking for international partners, I'd advise you to find another platform.

Some users claim that DealerDeTemps sometimes suggests partners whose activity doesn't match their theme. This is quite problematic, since the quality of inbound links depends enormously on this match. For my part, I've noticed that the platform's link catalog isn't as extensive as that of its competitors.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

Manage your sites

Dealer De Temps lets you submit your own websites or blogs. To do so, you need to access the "My sites" tab. In this section, you'll need to provide all relevant information about your platforms. The more details you provide, the more likely you are to attract advertisers.

Therefore, I advise you to specify the main theme of your site and the complete URL. Don't forget to mention the publication guidelines, particularly the minimum number of words and images. This way, you can be sure of acquiring quality content in line with your site. You'll also save time, since you won't have to deal with sales that don't match your objectives.

Credit principle

On DealerDeTemps, you can set the number of credits you want for a publication yourself. If you're having trouble defining the number of credits, you can refer to the platform's suggestion. This estimate is based on your site's SEO metrics. However, you are free to accept or reject this suggestion. Nevertheless, bear in mind that competition is fierce on DealerDeTemps. Consequently, a price that's too high reduces your chances of making sales. 

What's more, you should know that Dealer De Temps checks all the proposals you receive. This is to ensure that they meet your criteria. You can also perform a second check from a dedicated file.

What's more, you can refuse to publish articles you don't like. If you decide to refuse a user's proposal, you can discuss it with them via the DealerDeTemps messaging system. I particularly appreciate this feature, as it encourages exchanges between the two parties.

How many sites can I offer on Dealer De Temps? The platform has not set a maximum number of sites. However, I recommend that you only register sites that have excellent traffic.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

To buy a link, you need to have enough credit depending on what the site owner is asking for. How do I get credits? The quickest way is to buy them. DealerDeTemps offers you different packages:

- 15 credits at € 223.50, i.e. € 14.9 per credit

- 25 credits at €322.50, i.e. €12.90 per credit

- 50 credits at €495, i.e. €9.90 per credit

- 100 credits at €870, i.e. €8.70 per credit

Payment for these packs is by bank transfer. You can also use your PayPal account. Note that the more credits you buy, the more you save. In fact, the price of the packs is degressive. However, I advise you to choose the offer that best suits your needs and budget. You can then propose spots to increase your credits. I've tested several netlinking platforms before. So I can assure you that the prices on Dealer De Temps are extremely affordable.

Summary: review of the platform

My opinion of Dealer De temps is positive for several reasons. It's an easy-to-use platform. It took me less than 5 minutes to create my user account. What's more, it offers considerable savings. A godsend for professionals just starting up their business.

DealerDeTemps also offers site spots for buying backlinks. This solution is aimed at site owners who want to improve their position in search results. It also offers the possibility of placing links in blog articles, directory listings and press releases.

I liked the fact that dealing with potential partners was very straightforward. The same was true when I needed to contact DealerDeTemps support. All my questions were answered. What's more, this platform provides support for anyone having trouble navigating through the site. So it's no surprise that the number of exchanges is growing by the day.

What's more, Dealer De Temps meets the needs of all businesses, whatever their size or activity. In fact, we have more than 27 themes. You can then hope to quickly find a site for an article publication.

Exchange prices are quite affordable compared with those of Leader De Temps' competitors. What's more, this platform's algorithms can estimate the credits you can offer for a link.

What's more, there's nothing complicated about obtaining a link. You have access to all the information you need to make your choice. 

To see the Dealer de Temps website : https://www.dealerdetemps.com/

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