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Among the multitude of netlinking platforms available on the web, Getfluence is one of the most attractive. It succeeded LinkJuice which was a well-known platform in the world of netlinking. Today, Getfluence is a serious partner for advertisers and publishers alike. Between buying and selling links, and managing netlinking campaigns, this platform is very complete. When it comes to digital marketing, why not choose the best platform? However, you need to understand how each site works in order to know which one is right for you. After testing this platform, I'm going to share my opinion with you.

Creation date :2014 (under the name LinkJuice)
Renamed in Getfluence in 2017
Number of Partner Sites :More than 20,000 sites
Price range :From a few dozen euros for certain links to several thousand euros for sponsored articles on leading sites
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

Weak points

Introducing the Getfluence platform

Formerly known as LinkJuice, the platform is a pioneer in influencer marketing. LinkJuice was founded in 2014 and in 2017, the Getfluence name was launched. It works with major advertisers such as Samsung, Orange, Ralph Lauren... The platform also works with renowned publishers such as Melty, Numerama and many others. Getfluence offers netlinking services to its members, enabling them to increase their visibility on the web. I don't think it's for nothing that many consider it one of the best platforms in France. As far as services are concerned, there's something for every member:

  • Lbuying links Getfluence has a catalog of over 20,000 sites. Advertisers looking to boost their SEO and e-notoriety are well served. They can buy sponsored articles. Compared with other platforms, these figures are quite low. However, Getfluence favors quality over quantity. If you'd like to buy links, you can also consult the Getfluence catalog and choose your spots.
  • Visit link selling For publishers, Getfluence allows you to monetize your site. Of course, for this to be worthwhile, your site must have influence.
  • Visit article writing The platform can take care of writing your articles. Alternatively, you can do it yourself if you have the necessary skills.
  • Visit management of netlinking campaigns You can delegate all the work to the Getfluence team. I'm talking here about link research and copywriting.

How the Getfluence website works

As far as the site is concerned, registration is compulsory in order to browse everything. So I took the plunge.


Registering with Getfluence is pretty straightforward. In fact, it only took me a few minutes. On the home page, click on the "login" button, then go to "create an account". On the first registration page, you'll be asked to enter your e-mail address and a password for your account. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, click "Next". On the next page, you'll be asked to enter information such as last name, first name and telephone number. Next, you can choose between being a publisher or advertiser member.

After this step :

  • If you have opened an account as a publisher, you will be asked for information about your company. Once this is done, you can access your page.
  • If you open an advertiser account, you must define your "brand" or "agency" role. You will receive an e-mail to validate your account.

Link selection as an advertiser

Once you have validated your advertiser account, you can access the platform's functionalities. You will then have a catalog of quality links to a wide range of websites. For your information, there are a few conditions relating to the use of this catalog.

Buying and publishing on the platform

There are two ways to buy links on Getfluence. Either you choose the self-serviceor leave it all at the platform's expense.

Buy self-service links

If you choose this option, you have access to 10 free searches to find links. After these searches, you'll need to credit your account. These credits will enable you to browse the sites and blogs that interest you in the site list. To fine-tune your search, use the filters to find the categories of sites that suit you best.

So, by crediting your account with €100, you'll have 30 more searches to find and buy links. If you use these credits for your first order, you'll have access to unlimited searches.

This process requires a sound knowledge of SEO. You need to understand how indicators work. You also need to master the principles of search engines and other important information.

Let Getfluence take care of it

Let me remind you that you need good SEO skills to find the best sites to buy links from. If you think you don't have the skills or the time for research, take this option. The platform's teams will take care of finding the best sites for your links. The platform can also take care of writing and publishing the article.


Whether you're an advertiser or a publisher, the Getfluence teams can support you in all your actions. They can advise on the choice of sites and links as well as the steps to take for your netlinking campaigns. In addition, our support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Advantages & features of the platform

Getfluence offers its members many significant advantages. In my experience, there are many. Let me give you a non-exhaustive list.

An easy-to-use, ergonomic platform

Site navigation has been simplified. It's easy to find all the options and features on offer. As for me, I didn't have to wait long to get the hang of it. The intuitive interface makes it easy to get used to the platform.

A catalog of verified sites

The platform is known for emphasizing quality over quantity, and I've seen the proof. Getfluence offers few sites and blogs compared to some platforms. You might say that's a shame, but in fact it's quite the opposite. Its list of influential sites includes some 6,000 carefully vetted blogs and media outlets. 40 % of them are international. All this to say that quality really isn't an option at Getfluence, it's an obligation.

A very good reputation

Getfluence's reputation is well established. Since its creation under the name LinkJuice, the platform has never ceased to improve, offering the best for its users. Visit partnerships with major brands and international media are proof of this.

Very responsive and attentive support

The site's technical support is a real asset. As soon as you encounter a problem, you can report it. The answers are not long in coming. Support is attentive and suggests the best solutions in case of blockage.

Frequent renewal

On average, around 80 sites with different themes are added every week. Each of them goes through very strict filters before being integrated into the platform. The sites added to Getfluence have been carefully selected according to precise criteria.

Manage your campaigns from A to Z

If you wish, Getfluence can take care of your netlinking campaigns from A to Z. All you have to do is provide us with all the relevant information.

Getfluence's weaknesses

The platform has many strengths that are sure to help you boost your online profile. However, I must point out a few weaknesses.

Slightly higher than average rates

Compared with other platforms, prices at Getfluence are higher. To access the list of sites, the platform asks you to credit your account with at least €100. The prices on some catalog sites are very high, which may not be for everyone. Also, the platform commission is 30 %. For those who want to delegate the writing, the quality of the articles is top-notch, but the price is quite high.

Numerous checks to register your site

If you want to register your site on the platform, barriers and checks are planned. This can be annoying for some publishers.

Sell links on Getfluence as a publisher

If you think your site is influential, you can include it in the platform's catalog. As you already know, there will be checks. If your site is listed, advertisers will be able to call on your services. So, if you delegate copywriting and publishing to the platform, you'll earn 50% commission. If you do it yourself, the commission will be 70%. Suppose an advertiser pays €100 for a backlink from your site. If you take charge of writing and publishing an article containing the link, Getfluence will earn €30. You pocket the remaining €70. Transactions are also simplified by the platform's ergonomic design.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

For advertisers who wish to purchase a sponsored article, prices vary according to site statistics. I'm talking here about the site on which the article will be published. As a result, the range is very wide. You can get links for a few dozen euros and sponsored articles for several thousand. On the other hand, there are sites that offer packages tailored to your needs. These include Gold, Silver, Bronze, Premium offers and many others. For larger sites, some offers can reach €20,000.

Summary : Getfluence review

To sum up, I approve of Getfluence. First and foremost, the platform's reliability and reputation are a convincing asset. As soon as I validated my registration, I was able to explore the nooks and crannies of the site and the catalog with my 10 free searches. I was able to find big names in fashion, technology and other web giants.

What's more, I was pleased with the responsiveness of the support team when I had a few problems registering my site. The Getfluence teams show you the steps to take and advise you on the best course of action.

All in all, Getfluence is a platform I highly recommend. That goes for advertisers and publishers alike.

To see the GetFluence website :

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