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Link exchange involves publishing an article with a backlink on a partner website. This practice is not essential, but it is extremely effective in increasing a site's visibility. However, finding a partner website capable of helping you optimize your SEO strategy through a fair exchange is no mean feat. Fortunately, netlinking websites are there to lend a hand. I had the opportunity to test one of these platforms: JungleUp. It's just come onto the market and here's my full review of the site.

Creation date :2014
Number of Partner Sites :Over 3,600
Price range :0€ (these are link exchanges)
Possible delegation :❌ No

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Advanced search engine for targeted link searches.
  • Total freedom for publishers to set their own rates and manage their monetization strategy.
  • Smooth, direct communication between publishers and advertisers.
  • Link tracking system to evaluate link effectiveness.
Weak points
  • Lack of information on service prices.
  • Lack of some advanced netlinking features.

Introducing JungleUp

JungleUp is a new platform in the field of netlinking. It has nothing to envy from its competitors, and even has all the necessary assets to surpass them. In fact, its designers have ensured that each of JungleUp's services meets the requirements of its users. Thanks to JungleUp, direct and triangular link exchanges are available to all professionals.

JungleUp connects website owners in a variety of activities, regardless of their reputation. In fact, it enables publishers to optimize their profile without breaking the bank by exchanging links.

Are you taking your first steps into the world of SEO? JungleUp is the platform you need to learn the ins and outs of netlinking and backlinking. This online tool also enables you to carry out various tests. The aim is to find the types of links most likely to boost your visibility. By acquiring more new skills through this platform, you'll be more confident in launching bold strategies.

How JungleUp works

The JungleUp platform is intuitive. You'll have no trouble navigating the website. Even if you have no experience of netlinking platforms.


JungleUp registration is done directly on the website. To begin, you'll need to enter your e-mail address. You must also choose a password to secure access to your user account. Before validating your registration, JungleUp asks you to read the terms and conditions of use, and to tick a box if you agree. Registration takes just a few minutes.

If you decide to register as a publisher, JungleUp allows you to register your websites or blogs as publishers. However, you'll need to prove that you're the owner of these websites before you can make any offers. Once you've confirmed your ownership, you'll be able to create your Strip Express account. In this way, you will receive payment for orders received via the platform.

Link selection

To search for links, go to the site explorer page. Here you'll find filters to help you refine your search. The filters I've used are "country", "category" and "mission type". You can go further by adding other filters to suit the specific needs of your business.

Before selecting the links you wish to purchase, please note the following assess website quality who offer them. In fact, I urge you to take a closer look at the following points:

  • Site traffic
  • Trust Flow
  • Flow quote

JungleUp also lets you create a list of favorite sites. This way, you can consult information about them without having to search for them in the search engine. You can also filter out sites that don't interest you.

Purchase and publication

On JungleUp, you'll have no trouble talking to site owners or agents. This is done via our dedicated chat functionality. But before you can contact a site, you'll need to :

  • Verify your JungleUp account by clicking on the validation link sent to you.
  • Add your site by specifying its domain name, country and theme
  • Return to the "explore sites" sub-menu to contact publishers directly.

You can then buy links without having to go through intermediaries. Don't hesitate to explain to publishers what you really expect from your future collaboration. Purchases are often made by quotation. This will enable you to reach the target audience of your netlinking strategy while keeping your budget under control.

After-sales service

JungleUp has introduced a link tracking system. This feature is designed to help advertisers and publishers evaluate the effectiveness of links on a domain name. It is particularly useful for advertisers. Link tracking enables them to know precisely the impact of their SEO strategy. Publishers, on the other hand, use this option to manage their sales. Since you can contact site editors at any time, don't hesitate to contact them if you have any concerns. The professionals I spoke to during my test seemed to be conscientious. You can therefore hope to reach an amicable agreement, whatever the situation.


JungleUp has a customer support department. You can contact this service from the official JungleUp website via a contact form. This means you can ask the platform's experts for advice if you're having trouble navigating the platform. You'll then receive answers in your e-mail inbox. Make sure you fill in your contact details correctly so that an advisor can get in touch with you. Jungle Up is also present on Twitter and Facebook. A wise initiative to facilitate communication.

JungleUp advantages & features

JungleUp offers a wide range of services to ensure a satisfying user experience.

A targeted search

JungleUp's designers have implemented an advanced search engine on the platform. This system is capable of taking into account all the criteria essential to users. In this way, it will suggest partners likely to meet your needs. Do you want to target a particular niche? Do you have website quality or SEO traffic requirements? With JungleUp, search results are highly relevant. This is how you ensure the quality of your backlinks to improve your website's audience and your search engine presence. This feature also saves you a considerable amount of time.

Total freedom for publishers

JungleUp is designed to help you monetize your audience. On this platform, you can get in touch with partners who want to have a place on your platforms in return for payment. You define your own rates and the conditions of your collaboration. As a result, it's up to you to manage your monetization strategy.

What's more, you're entirely free to choose the type of content you want to sell. A boon for publishers with a specific editorial line.

Smooth communication between publishers and advertisers

JungleUp helps advertisers improve their SEO, increase their organic traffic and boost their brand awareness. This, so they can enjoy an effective online presence and a high ranking on the search engine Serp. What's more, JungleUp integrates a messaging function that enables advertisers to communicate directly with their prospects. A real boost for establishing a professional relationship conducive to the success of a netlinking campaign.

JungleUp's weaknesses

During my test, I noticed that there are little information on service prices on JungleUp. As a result, it's impossible to determine in advance what your budget will be for using the platform. I've also noticed that JungleUp lacks certain advanced features for this type of site. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that it's new on the market. I hope the platform's creators will soon remedy this.

Sell links on the Jungle Up platform as a publisher

Jungle Up gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the audience you've built up. To do so, you need to create your user account on the platform and register your websites. You are also free to set your own rates. You'll then receive the offers directly in your e-mail inbox. You can also from your JungleUp dashboard. Once again, you are free to accept or reject advertisers' offers of collaboration. Please note that payment is only made once the articles with the purchased links have been published. Earnings are then paid directly into your bank account.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

You can buy links on JungleUp directly from your advertiser account. An account that you will have created for free. Link prices vary by publisher. By placing an order, you agree to the publisher's terms and conditions. However, this does not prevent you from negotiating prices. The publisher may also offer you a tailored to your needs.

You can also exchange links for free on JungleUp. This practice can help you increase your backlinks and save money at the same time.

Summary: review of the JungleUp platform

My opinion of JungleUp is positive. I appreciate the effort made by its designers to ensure fast, fluid navigation through the platform. I particularly appreciate the fact that publishers and advertisers can trade freely. This, in addition to the freedom to choose trade prices.

As I'm used to testing netlinking platforms, I immediately noticed the absence of certain basic functions. This is the case, for example, with the option of determining the nature of assignments. This can be a disadvantage or an advantage. It all depends on the expectations of each user. Personally, I see it as a plus in terms of collaboration flexibility.

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