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Are you looking for a quick solution to improve your SEO? Do you have several sites to manage? Would you like to improved visibility and optimal positioning on search engines? Link Express is the answer. I had the pleasure of testing this platform and the results surprised me. Even working behind a screen, I felt like I was working with a real team of experts. What's more, all I had to do was provide some information about my site, and the rest was taken care of. I share my feedback on Link Express and its services in this article.

Creation date :
Number of Partner Sites :
Price range :19€ / link for the STARTER pack
75 / month for STARTER+.
On quotation for RANKING+ offers
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Customized netlinking service with SEO expertise
  • Transparency through reporting and monitoring services
  • Flexible, no-obligation offers
  • Good value for money for a network of high-performance sites
  • Variety of anchors to avoid over-optimization
  • Links can be adjusted up to one year after delivery
  • Attractive affiliate program with passive income
Weak points
  • Lack of transparency on accessible pricing information
  • Potential complexity for SEO beginners
  • Integrated spotlights cannot be previewed

Introducing the LinkExpress platform

Link Express, created by SEO expert Romain Pirotte, offers sponsored article packsWe offer a wide range of services, from 5 to over 100 articles. It's essentially a solution for delegating netlinking over the long term. As a major player in SEO, this platform offers a wide range of services. In particular, it offers creation of quality backlinks and customized netlinking strategies. Its primary objective is toincrease the visibility of your website on search engines. In addition, Linkexpress guarantees transparency through reporting and tracking services. With over 500 satisfied customers and the provision of more than 17,000 backlinks, it is an undisputed benchmark in SEO.

Link Express is ideal for medium-sized to large companies. It is also suitable for digital marketing professionals who need to manage multiple netlinking campaigns efficiently. Detailed tracking and reporting make it easy to measure ROI.

Agencies managing SEO for several clients will appreciate the flexibility and customization offered by Link Express. With its strategic support, the site can create tailor-made campaigns for each customer, a key advantage for agencies.

Link Express is a great option for bloggers and content creators. If you're looking to monetize your content or drive traffic to your blog, Link Express can help you by creating quality backlinks to improve your search engine rankings.

It's also a must-have tool for web developers. Although user-friendly, a basic understanding of SEO can maximize the benefits of Link Express. Web developers can use it to improve SEO right from the creation of a site for their clients.

How the LinkExpress platform works

Generally speaking, Link Express only supplies link packs. It is therefore you can't buy backlinks individually. Nevertheless, these packages have their own unique features. What's more, you can choose the anchors in your brief. As your project progresses, you can see the sponsored spots.


Registering with Link Express is easy. All you need to do is provide your name and e-mail address. Once you've registered, we'll send you exclusive offers and SEO tips every month. What's more, you'll have access to private workshops led by SEO experts. In other words, all you need to do is sign up for the netlinking site's newsletters. To access the offers, you'll need to consult the details in the Link Express starter pack.

Buy links

Buying links on Link Express is simple. First of all, all you have to do is choose between the various offers available, i.e. :

  • the STARTER Pack,
  • and BOOST RD.

To buy links, you must place your order and send your brief via the platformShe starts creating links and sends you a follow-up file. She's picky about taking your order. In fact, she'll ask you for your e-mail address again to verify your identity.

For invoicing, enter your first name, surname and company name. Also enter your VAT number. If you are subject to this tax, but not exempt, tick the appropriate box. For payment, you can pay by credit card or by secure payment via Stripe.

Delivery time depends on the package and the number of sites selected. You can specify the backlink creation lead time when sending your brief. Once your brief has been validated, the Link Express team will proceed with the order, and you'll receive a tracking link. The first backlinks are generally published around 10 working days after submission.

You can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase, as long as your order has not yet started. If you have not yet sent your brief and would like a refund, please contact Link Express by e-mail.


Ranking+ is an option that automates backlinks. This means users no longer have to worry about managing them manually. Each month, the platform evaluates the site's positioning on search engines. It then generates new backlinks in line with its theme. Overall, Ranking+ not only saves you time, but also optimizes your site's SEO ranking.

Backlink Dofollow

Link Express Dofollow backlinks aim to have a positive, lasting impact, as opposed to quick, but temporary gains. Opting for Dofollow backlinks ensures that your netlinking investment makes a lasting contribution to your SEO strategy.

Analysis function

Link Express performs an analysis to find the best backlink opportunities, whether related to the theme or the power of the partner site. This approach ensures that every external link is both relevant and powerful. This increases the chances of improving your search engine rankings.

Reporting and monitoring

Link Express offers a reporting and monitoring service that enables our team to keep track of your actions on a regular basis. Thanks to frequent reports, you can :

  • track the progress of your campaign in real time,
  • understand the impact of each action
  • and make adjustments if necessary.

In this way, you'll be kept constantly informed of the status of your netlinking campaign.


Positioning analysis is crucial in SEO, and Link Express integrates it into its services. It provides valuable information on a site's ranking for specific keywords. This data is then used to create more effective backlinks.. This will increase the chances of improving the site's visibility and traffic.

Contextualized articles

Writing contextualized articles adds an extra layer of value to the backlinks created. Not only do these articles provide context for links, they are also optimized for SEO.

Placed on the Link Express private network, these articles benefit from optimal tracking. What's more, they ensure that every backlink is as effective as possible.

Customized campaign

Link Express customizes its strategy by understanding your site and your objectives. As a result, the site creates a customized backlink campaign aligned with your needs. This approach ensures that every backlink added makes a significant contribution to your overall SEO strategy.

Affiliate program

The Link Express affiliate program allows you to earn passive income. By joining, you benefit from 12 % on link packs. To take full advantage, you need to sign up for the program and you'll receive a unique affiliate link that you can use on any distribution channel. As a result, if a customer places an order using your link, you'll receive a commission. This commission becomes recurring if the customer signs up for a subscription. Take full advantage of this opportunity by joining the affiliate program.

LinkExpress benefits & features

I like the way this site works. Indeed, Link Express really takes users' needs into account and offers customizable netlinking campaigns. And all thanks to our SEO experts. This guarantees quality backlinks. I also have a deep affection for this netlinking platform's attention to detail. In fact, it carries out a regular monitoring of actions taken on your site. This ensures total transparency between users and the site.

I also like the fact that Link Express offers non-binding offers. This is interesting, because if the offer isn't quite what users expected, they can try another. I also particularly like theexcellent value for money from this site. You can access a network of high-performance sites at a competitive price.

Another feature I really like is the Link Express anchor diversity. This avoids over-optimization and search engine penalties. You're also spoilt for choice when it comes to topics relevant to your target pages. In addition, quality spots with sustainable backlinks are a long-term investment. As for after-sales support, your questions will be answered efficiently, whether about the site or SEO.

If your SEO strategy changes, Link Express can adjust the links within one year of delivery of your order. Possible changes include:

  • anchor change,
  • modify the target URL or remove the link, to adapt to your new needs.

Weaknesses of the LinkExpress platform

There are a few areas for improvement with Link Express. In particular, fare information is not easily accessible. This could be an obstacle for users.

What's more, although Link Express focuses on the essentials for bloggers and SEO agencies, the site can appear complex. This can create difficulties for SEO beginners. Another disadvantage is that it's impossible to see in advance which spots have been integrated into your site. As a result, users risk always changing their netlinking strategy if the spot doesn't suit them.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

In addition to boosting your online reputation and improving your site's ranking in the SERPs, you can generate revenue by selling links as a publisher. After registering with promo code BOOST, you can 10 backlinks on generic topics related to your theme. These backlinks are accompanied by integrated 500-word content to increase the number of Referring Domains.

The platform then boosts your Referring Domains by creating links within a week. Once the number of RDs has been reached, you can register with link sales platforms to accelerate their marketing. This action of improving your referring domains can be optimized with the RD Boost Pack.

In short, Link Express simplifies this process by taking care of all these different tasks. All you have to do is provide your site address and specify the URLs to be worked on.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

Link Express offers different packages to guarantee a good return on investment. With the STARTER package, you get 5 backlinks inserted in articles of 450 to 700 words. These will be contextualized and aligned with the theme of your choice. The aim of this pack is to improve your SEO strategy, and the cost per link is €19. To boost your site's reputation, simply enter the URLs of the pages you wish to target.

With Link Express' STARTER+ package, you benefit from 5 integrated backlinks per month in themed articles. You can choose between 2, 4 and 8 links per month. The main objective is to increase your site's visibility. This package is priced at €75 per month, with a cost of €15 per backlink. You also benefit from customized strategic coaching.

The team's mission is also to boost your site's visibility. To do this, we take charge of acquiring backlinks and evaluating your site's ranking in search engines. At the same time, it selects the best sites for backlink placement, and supervises the netlinking strategy.

With the Premium pack from Link Express, you benefit from 8 sponsored backlinkswith thematic content of 600 words or more. The main aim of this pack is to boost your SEO strategy. It starts by analyzing your site's current positioning, then selects pages according to their potential and your specific objectives. However, you are responsible for preparing the editorial brief for the content.

There's also the Starter Pack, offering 5 links for 5 themed articles. This offer currently costs 19 euros/link.

The Starter + Pack, which lets you choose between 2, 4 or 8 monthly backlinks for 36 euros a month.

You also have the ranking + pack, which entitles you to 2 to 5 top-of-the-range links pointing to content on your site. You'll need to request a quote from Link Express to find out how much this package costs.

Summary: review of the LinkExpress platform

My opinion of Link Express is quite positive. Since I've been using this service, I've noticed a significant improvement in my site's notoriety and popularity. What's more, the team is reactive and quickly resolved the few problems I reported. The service has improved in terms of quality and speed of delivery.

Thanks to Link Express, my stagnant sites have also progressed, and the use of backlinks has really worked. I now use Link Express to create links to my e-commerce sites. It's simple, fast and the results are there, even without in-depth knowledge of netlinking.

Results, generally visible within a few weeks, depend on the competition, the package chosen, the speed of link building and the history of your site. Newer sites may take longer to see effects (launched less than a year ago).

To see the LinkExpress website:

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