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In the demanding world of digital marketing, acquiring good backlinks is usually a costly business. Linkuma was designed with this in mind. Having had the opportunity to put it to the test for my site, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional rvalue for money offered by this platform. The results of my tests and experience are detailed in this article. 

Creation date :2022
Number of Partner Sites :1200 websites
Price range :From €7 to €30
Possible delegation :βœ… Yes

  • Competitive rates for quality backlinks
  • Wide selection of sites with 1,200 spots available
  • Extensive customization of backlink orders
  • Useful tools such as page auditing and title creation
  • Indexing insurance and ranking monitoring
  • Free guidance and premium support
  • Limitation of sponsored articles to preserve site quality
Weak points
  • Some low-cost sites (€10 offers) may have limited traffic and inferior content.
  • The need to force content indexation on Google in some cases
  • No link sales for external publishers, all sponsored articles come from sites belonging to the platform

Introducing the Linkuma platform

Linkuma, a netlinking platform developed by SEO experts, enables you to obtain quality backlinks. Its aim is toimprove website referencing. Unlike conventional services, Linkuma offers quality backlinks at competitive prices. It offers an affordable opportunity for outsourcing a netlinking strategy.

The platform caters to a variety of profiles, offering quality backlinks tailored to different needs. Primarily favored by advertisers, it enables affordable delegation of netlinking services. Ideal for companies seeking to increase their online visibility, whatever their sector of activity, Linkuma is also suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs. It is aimed at those seeking a increased visibility on a limited budget.

What's more, this site specializes in the sale of sponsored links. rich in publisher offerings. With a network of 1,200 websites, all sponsored articles ordered are published on sites belonging to the platform, ensuring sustainability of backlinks.

How Linkuma works

Registration on

Registering with Linkuma is relatively straightforward. Just click on the connect button and choose the "create an account" option. You will then be redirected to the platform's registration form. Here you need to fill in :

  • Your name
  • First name
  • An email address
  • Your date of birth and telephone number
  • A password that you must confirm

Once you have done this, the platform will send you a confirmation e-mail which you must validate. This confirms the creation of your Linkuma account.

What's more, once you've registered, Linkuma gives you access to a wide range of netlinking services. This includes a number of special features, which I'll describe in more detail below: 

Buy links

Linkuma simplifies the purchase of backlinks by offering three distinct rates for entry-level, mid-range and high-end links. Each corresponds to one of the three link types available. The 1200 spotlights on the platform are categorized according to these types. To place an order, simply :

  • choose the type of link you want
  • fill in the brief
  • manual spot selection
  • or let the software choose according to the specified criteria.

Linkuma also offers a extensive customization when ordering backlinks. Users can choose theme, category/sub-theme, and link anchor type. In addition, the publication date can be immediate or scheduled. Content length varies according to the type of link chosen, with the option of adding content for credit. 

Users can also select spots according to specific metrics. This is done with a list of available sites on the dashboard, all at the same price. For this reason, we recommend using filters to find a site that matches your individual preferences.

Once you've customized the options, all you have to do is choose the spot that's right for you. You specify the publication date, the number of articles, the anchor and the possibility of writing a brief.

If this doesn't work for you, take a look at our article on the ninja linking.

Creating titles

Linkuma simplifies the creation of headlines, whether for sponsored articles or personal content. To do this, it offers keyword-based title generation functionality. Simply insert the keyword, specify the number of titles to be generated, and select any prepositions to be included in the titles.

In a matter of seconds, Linkuma's headline generation function produces a number of free suggestions, offering ideas for headlines when ordering sponsored articles.

Page audit

Linkuma offers a free page audit function. Similar to other SEO tools, it checks theURL optimization. Simply insert the URL to be analyzed, and in a matter of seconds, a range of information is available.

Linkuma then evaluates your page according to several criteria and provides a score. It will also indicate possible adjustments to optimize the page. Using this function before purchasing backlinks is recommended, as well-optimized pages maximize the impact of external links. By combining page optimization with quality links, website visibility is significantly improved.


Linkuma offers a full range of metrics, including referring domains, Trust Flow, Citation Trust Flow and Tropical Trust Flow. These indicators are essential for evaluate the quality and relevance of the sites where to place your backlinks. This makes it easier to reach your SEO goals. 

Order diversification

Linkuma offers three control modes to meet different needs:

  • Classic: ideal for specific, targeted needs
  • Bulk: suitable for large requirements requiring several links
  • Via spreadsheet: allows you to plan purchases, particularly useful for long-term SEO campaigns

Active backlinks

One of Linkuma's features that I particularly like is is the constant optimization of backlinks. The platform guarantees that the sites where your backlinks are placed are active and constantly updated. They regularly publish articles to maintain relevance and naturalness in the eyes of search engines and social networks. This approach enhances the SEO value of backlinksThis ensures better performance in the rankings.

Various themes

Linkuma gives you the option of choosing themed backlinks with its tool. With over 12 different themes, you can target your audience more precisely. What's more, you can improve your ranking in specific niches. Which is crucial for SEO relevance.

Indexing tool

Indexing is crucial to SEO, and Linkuma makes it a priority. If your link is not indexed within 21 days, the platform provides an additional link free of charge. This ensures that every backlink you place has maximum impact on your SEO.

Ranking tracking

Linkuma provides a ranking tracking tool, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO actions. By creating specific projects, you can track their performance over time. This gives you a clear view of the impact of your backlinks. It also enables you to adjust your strategy.

Free support service

If you're not an SEO expert, Linkuma offers you afree support. SEO experts guide users through the various stages of the netlinking process, from site selection to impact measurement, to improve visibility on Google.

Premium support

Linkuma provides a customer area staffed by SEO experts who will guide you through the tasks at hand. 

Sponsored article limitation

Linkuma limits the number of sponsored article publications to preserve the quality of its sites. This ensures that their SEO power and relevance are maintained over the long term.

Bonuses and credit

Linkuma offers incentives in the form of bonus credits for users who make large or frequent purchases. These credits can be used for future purchases, maximizing the return on netlinking investment.

Platform benefits and features

The first advantage I noticed after testing Linkuma was the attractive backlink prices. As a netlinking platform, Linkuma offers very competitive rates, making it possible to obtain quality links at an affordable price. The platform's cost-effective approach, based on volume purchases at attractive rates, means you can benefit from links that are useful for SEO at a reasonable cost.

Fast delivery of purchases

I also note the speed of delivery. Backlinks are generally published between 24 and 48 hours after ordering

Site transparency

The transparency offered by the site is one of its most appreciated features, with two options available. The first allows you to order external links via the team for €10. The other option offers access to the list of sites where I can select the area of my choice.  It also gives you the essential points to know, such as : 

  • Domain name
  • Themes
  • Number of referring domains
  • Trust flow 
  • Quote Flow
  • Tropical Trust Flow

A well-stocked list to be constantly updated

During my tests, I really enjoyed Linkuma's list of publisher sites. Not only is it well-stocked, it's also constantly evolving. The platform offers a wide range of backlinks that are beneficial to all networks. Site statistics, such as Trust Flow and the number of referring domains, add an interesting dimension. This offers quality backlinks at competitive rates. The new the €30 offer could position Linkuma as a major partner by undercutting prices.

An easy-to-use, intuitive site

Generally speaking, netlinking platforms are created by developers and SEO professionals. As a result, fluidity and detailed sections are not always present. Linkuma is perfectly suited to all types of user profiles. So, whether you're an SEO expert, an advertiser or just starting out, the platform will guide you through your tasks, and you can take advantage of the benefits. 

Customized 100 % controls

In addition to sorting domain names, you can control what happens to the links in your purchases. You can decide : 

  • The URL of your site receiving the link
  • Number of items ordered
  • The launch date of your campaign
  • Publication of articles on the day or spread over several weeks
  • Anchor type: URL, generic, customized

You can also add information such as the location of the link in the article, the subject of the content and the addition of your brand name.

A proactive team

One of the things users appreciate in a website's services is proactive listening. At Linkuma, the creators have a human touch to help both novice and professional editors. Once you've registered, you can ask for help in finding the first links to insert in your purchases. What's more, our after-sales service is always ready to listen, and usually responds to your messages within hours of dispatch. 

Linkuma's weaknesses

With the €10 offer, the platform provides sites to match the price. In other words, you can see relatively basic sites with little traffic, low-quality content and simple design. However, one appreciable aspect is that Linkuma pays a minimum of attention to its sites, with cleanly configured themes and articles containing images. 

On the other hand, content indexing on Google is not automatic. In fact, you have to force it to get appreciable results with Linkuma. In principle, the concept of indexing can be a challenge, especially with content of variable quality. I've experienced it myself, but the results are conclusive.

In case of problems, I recommend using tools like IndexMeNow to force indexing, with success rates close to 100 %. What's more, if a link isn't indexed within 21 days, another is provided free of charge. This is an appreciable advantage given the platform's position on the sale of affordable links.

Sell links on Linkuma as a publisher

Linkuma does not offer link sales for external publishers. As I said before, the sponsored articles it offers come mainly from sites that belong to the platform.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

Once you've registered, the Linkuma interface gives you access to a dashboard of your previous purchases. To launch a new order, two options are available: create a simple order or project. Projects allow you to plan link purchases over a defined period, while purchases are intended for quick completion. By selecting the "New order" button, you can access the pricing page, which offers three price options for link purchases. 

Visit Starter price, €7, entitles you to a link to a generalist site with 300 words of content. For thematic sites, you have Linkuma formula at €10. For links to high-quality themed sites, with content of over 500 words, the Boost package is available for just €30.

By following the steps, you can customize your order by choosing the type of link, the theme of the spot, the number of words for the article, the anchor and much more. Linkuma offers automatic spot selection based on your choices, but also allows manual selection of the spot to place a link. You can also add multiple lines to order further links if required. You can do this in the spreadsheet section of the new order creation.

Summary : Review of Linkuma

I appreciate the fluidity and intuitiveness of Linkuma's interface. The platform ensures the supply of quality backlinks, constantly updated to keep your sites at the top of Google rankings. The after-sales service is also attentive and guides you efficiently through the ordering process. And even if the rates are affordable, the links are quality. You really can improve the visibility of your sites.

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