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SEO experts see netlinking campaigns as an effective way to boost website visibility. In fact, you can improve the position of your web platform by purchasing links on specialized platforms. However, you need to choose carefully the sites you decide to work with. Netlinking platforms put advertisers in touch with publishers who can host links. They enable advertisers toimprove their natural referencing. This is achieved by purchasing quality links. Publishers, meanwhile, have the opportunity to monetize their website traffic. However, finding a win-win platform is no easy task. The number of netlinking solutions is increasing all the time, making it difficult to choose. Recently, I decided to try out the services of MisterGoodLink. This is a recent netlinking platform, but it's already tending to outstrip its competitors.

Creation date :2022
Number of Partner Sites :
Price range :Ranges from €50 to over €300 per link
Possible delegation :

  • Ergonomic editor interface for easy site management.
  • Multiple orders can be combined in a single basket.
  • No extra charge for writing articles.
  • Detailed metrics to facilitate decision-making.
  • Links guaranteed for life for durability.
  • Quality content provided by professional writers.
  • Guaranteed indexing by Google.
  • Responsive, attentive customer service.
Weak points
  • Basic interface and unattractive design.
  • Limited choice of sites compared to other platforms.
  • Some links can be quite expensive.
  • Lack of transparency on certain SEO metrics.

Introducing the MisterGoodLink platform

MisterGoodLink is a netflinking platform offering services for facilitate purchases of sponsored items. It's an essential lever for website referencing. This netlinking platform brings together spots with different themes. So you'll have no trouble finding sites that are relevant to your business. In fact, MisterGoodLink classifies spots according to their theme.

At MisterGoodLink, link-buying services include copywriting and article planning. In addition, the netlinking platform enables you to track the progress of your order in real time.

How MisterGoodLink works

Before you can take advantage of all MisterGoodlink's features and services, you need to create a user account. This will only take a few minutes.


To use MisterGoodLink's features, you need to register on the company's official website. This involves registering your e-mail address and choosing a password. Make sure your password offers you optimum security. Note that you are responsible for all actions carried out through your account. So it's best to keep your login and password to yourself.

In addition, MisterGoodLink validates registrations manually. This means that the platform reserves the right to accept or reject user accounts.

Link selection

MisterGoodLink provides you with a wide selection of websites offering to publish sponsored articles. What's more, the platform has set up a system for placing spots by theme. This organization gives you great flexibility in your choice. In fact, you can sort and select spots according to the metrics set up by MisterGoodLink. I advise you to pay particular attention to the domains, Citation Flow and Trust Flow. Estimated monthly traffic is also an important selection criterion.

MisterGoodLink has left nothing to chance. Every feature is designed to give you a personalized user experience. Personally, I think this platform is ideal for finding the right spots for your SEO needs.

Purchase and publication of articles

Ordering items is done directly on the MisterGoodLink platform. You then pay for your order by credit card. The editor will have completed his mission when the link and anchor requested appear on the URL of the web page he has entered.

You can also plan link publication according to the needs of your netlinking campaign. All you have to do is mention the publication date in the purchase brief. I particularly appreciate this feature, as it helps in the coordination of SEO campaigns. However, scheduling is only possible for certain spots.

After-sales service

The results of the services you purchase on the platform can depend on a number of factors. These include site selection, publication date and anchors. In addition, search engine requirements are constantly evolving. For this reason, the site does not guarantee any results and is limited to an obligation of means.

User support

With a view to satisfying its users, MisterGoodLink has mobilized coaches ready to accompany you during your experience. These experts can give you a SEO audit at no extra cost to you. As part of their mission, they can guide you through every stage of website optimization.

Do you want to monetize your network? Do you want to earn handsome commissions on sales? Opt for affiliate program from MisterGoodLink. This device is accessible from your user account. And it works quite simply. An order placed from an affiliate account earns you a commission equivalent to 5 % of the sale amount.

MisterGoodLink benefits & features

MisteGoodlink stands out from other platforms in several respects.

An ergonomic editor interface

MisterGoodLink has specially studied the design and functionality of the editor interface to make it as ergonomic as possible. From here, you can easily register your website in the catalog. Do you have several websites? Import them all in just a few clicks, thanks to the bulk import function.

The ability to combine several orders into a single basket

MisterGoodLink lets you order several items at once. To do so, start by choosing the spotlights you need. Then you need to draw up a brief for each spot. Don't forget to include the URL, anchor and description in your document. You can also choose the publication date for each article.

No extra charge for writing articles

On MisterGoodLink, the price of the links includes the cost of writing the articles. In fact, this task is carried out by the platform itself. Articles are over 500 words long and of good quality. The platform also takes into account the importance of visuals. For this reason, it ensures that each article contains at least one image. That way, you're more likely to engage your readers.

Metrics to facilitate decision-making

On MisterGoodLink, you have access to a catalog with themed spots. Metrics give you all the information you need about the sites and links. So you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Unlike its competitors, MisterGoodLink doesn't limit itself to basic metrics such as TF, CF and RD. In fact, the netlinking platform also includes links to the most popular SEO tools. In particular, it provides quick access to SEMRush, Majestic and SEObserver. The aim of this initiative is to make it easier for you to evaluate spots according to your own criteria.

MisterGoodLink's weaknesses

I find MisterGoodLink's interface basic and its design unattractive. In addition, the choice of sites is rather limited compared with other platforms. However, some spots are often unavailable.

The MisterGoodLink platform is also fairly intuitive. However, some metrics are quite complex. Therefore, you need to have a minimum knowledge of SEO metrics. Finally, I find the prices of some links extremely high.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

As a publisher, you have access to an area where you can register and manage your sites. This allows you to take the initiative in launching promotions and handling sales. However, you must keep the links active you've sold to advertisers. As long as the website exists.

In addition, the items you sell as part of an assignment must have a good structure and make a good impression. 500 words minimum. In most cases, at least one visual must accompany each item. You may impose other conditions regarding visuals. However, please mention them in the "editorial information" section.

When you complete a sale, you'll receive the relevant amount in your editor's kitty. There are two ways to recover your winnings. The first is to bank transfer. The minimum transaction amount is €150 excluding VAT. Please note that transfer fees may apply, depending on the country where your bank is located. The second solution is to use your wallet. You can ask MisterGoodLink to transfer your winnings from your kitty to your wallet. I consider this option to be the most advantageous, since it entitles you to a bonus of 10 % of the transfer sum.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

MisterGoodLink offers a price plan to suit all budgets. Link prices vary according to website class. These depend mainly on metrics. I have observed that Prices range from €50 to over €300.

When you buy a link, you also buy an article. You can also save money by opting for discount links. Each link is marked with a badge indicating whether it's being offered at the right price or whether it's on special offer.

Summary: review of the platform

MisterGoodLink is a high-performance netlinking platform. It meets the requirements of SEO professionals and online marketing agencies. Website owners will also find it to their liking.

I particularly like the fact that MisterGoodLink offers turnkey services. This means you don't have to pay extra for your sponsored articles. What's more, you can choose from a multitude of spots depending on the theme of your website. I advise you to take a look at this platform, it's not likely to disappoint you.                

To see the MisterGoodLink website: https://www.mistergoodlink.com/

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