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Looking for a practical solution to optimize your digital marketing strategy? Paper Club should be of interest to you. It's an online platform that provides you with a unlimited access to a media database. It also allows you to easily find and reach your netlinking campaign target thanks to its powerful search engine. What's more, you can track performance at any time. In other words, Paper Club aims to revolutionize netlinking and take brand content to the next level. Does this platform live up to its promise? To find out, I decided to put it to the test. By sharing my experience with you, I hope to help you find out whether Paper Club can meet your expectations.

Creation date :2021
Number of Partner Sites :Over 40,000 media listed
Price range :Premium
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Extensive database with over 40,000 available media.
  • Custom-made items available.
  • SEO optimization through quality backlinks.
  • Ergonomic dashboard for activity monitoring.
  • Responsive support and personalized assistance.
Weak points
  • Rates potentially higher than those of some competitors.
  • Some media are also listed on other platforms.

Introducing the Paper Club platform

Paper Club is a Netlinking and Brand Content platform that came to market in 2021. It puts advertisers and website publishers in touch with each other.. The former can optimize their website's SEO thanks to quality links. This, in addition to improving their brand image. The latter can monetize their sites by selling links and sponsored articles on the netlinking platform.

To guarantee the quality of its services, Paper Club targets publishers of professional websites. These must provide supporting documents which prove that the sites they propose belong to them. The platform then gives them access to a dashboard where they can manage their sites and orders. Paper Club's customers are professionals and private individuals engaged in business activities.

How Paper Club works

Paper Club's user interface is intuitive and ergonomic. As a result, you'll have no trouble registering, searching for sites or placing orders.


To create your user account, go to the Paper club website. From the home page, click on the "Register" button. This will take you to a page with a registration form. Enter your first and last name and your e-mail address. Then enter your password and confirm. Paper Club operates on the French market, but you can choose between different languages: French, Italian, German, English and Spanish. Finally, you'll need to enter your telephone number.

Link selection

Paper Club integrates a powerful search engine with unrivalled precision. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, you can filter and sort media according to your needs. The most important criteria for choosing your platforms include field of activity, web traffic and subject relevance.

Purchase and publication

You can buy publications with just a few clicks on Paper Club. It's a good idea to carefully read the description of the publication the publisher is offering for sale. This will tell you all you need to know about the publisher and the options it offers. Orders are placed directly on the platform and the publisher has 5 days to accept or reject it. In the event of acceptance, the publisher must provide all information relating to the processing status up to and including publication. Editing and publication must take place within 2 weeks. Otherwise, Paper Club may cancel the order. Please note that the publisher defines the publication method and deadline.

After-sales service

Once your order has been processed, the site editor will provide you with a proposal for an item on Paper Club. You have 10 days to accept or reject it. If the article does not suit you, you can request modifications. In the event of a problem, Paper Club is committed to finding solutions so that the order meets your expectations. If we are unable to reach an agreement, Paper Club will refund the amount you have paid. However, your complaints must be justified.


Paper Club supports you throughout your project. In fact, the company has set up a responsive support service. In the event of a problem, customers can contact the service at any time. To contact Paper Club, you can go to the messaging tab from the platform. You'll receive a reply within an hour of sending your message. You can also send an e-mail to this address: [email protected]. Paper Club also offers you the possibility of making an appointment online with an advisor. Simply go to the availability calendar and select the date and time that suits you best. The meeting takes place on Microsoft Teams.

Advantages and features of Paper Club

Admittedly, Paper Club is one of the most recent netlinking platforms on the market. However, it has succeeded in establishing itself rapidly. This is because the site has a number of strong points.

Thousands of media available

Paper Club's database includes over 40,000 media outlets on the market. This collection allows you to choose from a wide range of niches and target your preferred sector of activity. In this way, you'll quickly increase the reach of your netlinking campaigns. What's more, Paper Club guarantees you'll find media of interest to your audience.

Custom-made items can be ordered

What sets Paper Club apart from its competitors is that it allows users to order made-to-measure items. The platform can then mobilize professional journalists to write according to your requirements. As a result, you have absolute control over the message you want to get across to your audience. With this service, Paper Club helps you to ensure the consistency of your content strategy.

Optimizing your SEO

One of Paper Club's essential features is the optimization of your site's SEO. In fact, this platform makes it easy for you to acquire backlinks. But not just any backlinks! Quality backlinks from media that are experts in their field. What's more, by bringing visitors back to your site, these backlinks optimize your online presence.

Activity monitoring

Paper Club offers you an ergonomic dashboard that lets you track the progress of all your activities. Metrics display precise information and activity reports are extremely detailed. As a result, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time. The information you gather will show you where you can improve your visibility.

Paper Club's weaknesses

Paper Club announces on its website that these services are 10 % less expensive than other platforms. That's not quite true. In fact, you can easily find sites with more affordable offers. On the other hand, you won't necessarily find the same quality of service. After all, the best user experience comes at a price.

What's more, I noticed during my test that some of the sites featured in the Paper Club catalog are also present on other platforms. This may discourage some advertisers who want a unique offer.

Sell links on the Paper Club platform as a publisher

Paper Club is primarily aimed at website publishers looking for a platform for monetizing advertising space. To this end, the first step is to create an account on the platform. Registration is free of charge. You then need to provide information about your sites. The platform will then check and validate them. Once validated, your site links will immediately appear in the catalog. You'll then benefit from a total freedom to manage your rates and offers. You will then receive payment through a service set up by Mangopay.

If you already have an advertiser account, simply change your account by clicking on the icon that allows you to manage your accounts.

Details and pricing for buying as an advertiser on Paper Club

First you need to find the site on which you want to promote your business. To make your choice easier, Paper Club invites all site publishers to draw up a "Site description" and a "Description sheet". You'll find the price of each publication next to the description. All that's left to do is choose the publication's features and the options you'd like to have.

Validating your basket means you accept the publisher's price list and conditions. By the way, payment is made directly on the Paper Club website via your advertiser account. Please note that prices vary depending on the offer and the publisher. You must first transfer the order price to your MANGOPAY wallet. Paper Club then verifies that the publisher has carried out its mission. After verification, the platform debits your account for the amount corresponding to the price of the service.

Summary : review of Paper Club 

Paper Club is committed to simplifying brand content and link buying. In fact, it provides advertisers with a wide range of publishers at reasonable prices. This makes the platform a lever of success for your netlinking and brand content campaigns.

What's more, exchanges between advertisers and publishers take place quickly via the platform. I particularly appreciate the fact that advertisers can weary of comments about editors' articles. This is proof of Paper Club's commitment to transparency.

I've also noticed that Paper Club takes good care of its users. It offers a satisfying experience for publishers and advertisers alike. So, if you'd like to see what the platform can do for your business, feel free to explore the site. You can register and access the media catalog without paying a cent.

To see the PaperClub website : https://www.paper.club/

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