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Do you need to acquire backlinks? SemJuice is one of those platforms that help you with your netlinking strategy. It has been on the market for several years now, and has built up a fine reputation over the years. But competition is fierce in this field, so it's best to get to know the platform before taking the plunge. I was able to test it out to get a feel for it. In this article, I present the site in detail and share my experience with you.

SEMJuice logo
Creation date :2017
Number of Partner Sites :More than 7,000
Price range :From €25 (strawberry 🍓 for 250 words) to €580 (watermelon 🍉 for 2000 words)
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Offers customized to your needs
  • Full delegation of netlinking campaign option
  • High-quality links and articles
  • Vigilance against overoptimization and penalization by search engines
  • Responsive and available customer service
  • Over 7,000 partner platforms for a wide range of links
  • Clear pricing system based on site quality (Juiceflow indexes and fruity categories)
  • Indices and statistics to assess site relevance
  • Serious, positive reputation in the netlinking industry
Weak points
  • No catalog to analyze spots before choosing them
  • Site evaluation based primarily on the Juiceflow index

Introducing the SemJuice platform

Semjuice came into being in 2017. It's a platform that focuses primarily on netlinking. It was developed by 3 passionate SEO professionals.             

At first glance, the site is ergonomic and easy to use. The site's interface is easy to understand, even for beginners. I also noticed that SemJuice offers a wide range of products to meet specific needs. You can :

  • Create off-site campaigns which can be customized. SemJuice even lets you choose a variety of spots and links. And all with the aim of diversify the quality of your links in your netlinking strategy.
  • Writing optimized articles. If you don't have the time to focus on the SEO of your website, the site can help you write informative SEO content that obeys the SEO rules and criteria of search engine algorithms. The platform can also advise you on the right choice of link position and anchor.

After 6 years in business, its reputation is well established. Even if the platform isn't the cheapest on the market in terms of pricing on its service offerings, it has earned the trust of thousands of loyal users. SemJuice also works with a large number of partner websites who trust us to set up and deploy their netlinking and SEO strategies.

How SemJuice works

There's nothing hard to understand about how SemJuice works. Just follow these simple steps.


When you arrive on the platform, if you already have an account, you'll be prompted to log in. Otherwise, you can create your account by clicking on the dedicated button.

A form appears in front of you. All you have to do to open your account is fill it in correctly. In this form, you'll be asked to fill in, among other things personal information (1), but also company information (2). These will be used for billing purposes. Next, read the SemJuice terms and conditions. You can accept them by ticking the appropriate box (3) and finish by clicking on the "validate" button to validate the information provided (4). You will then receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

This step only took me a few minutes. It should also be noted that you SemJuice does not require you to subscribe to its newsletter.. If you wish, on the same registration page, you can enter your email address in a separate field, and receive emails with news about the brand and its services.

Defining your netlinking strategy

Once you have completed your registration, enter the site and go to the "Netlinking" section. You can create netlinking campaigns in this sub-menu.

IF you are experiencing difficulties, you can call on a SemJuice SEO specialist in defining your strategy. They can accompany you at any time. For professionals, they can perfectly create a unique netlinking campaign. The tools provided allow you to carry out this action from A to Z.

When defining your netlinking campaign on SemJuice, start by defining your needs. It's up to you to choose the number of contents to consider, as well as the number of links to insert per content. You must also define the number of words per text and the quality of link platforms. In this case, to know if a site is of quality, SemJuice categorizes them with its Juiceflow index. The higher the Juiceflow index, the higher the quality of the platform.

To help you define your campaign and choose the right sites, the sites are categorized by fruit. For example, sites that have a low index and are considered of lesser quality by Juiceflow are in the "grapes" class. They have a Juiceflow between 15 and 34.99. The best platforms have a minimum Juiceflow of 65. SemJuice will calculate the cost of your campaign according to the quality of the sites you choose.

Creation and production of articles with sponsored links

SemJuice also has a high-performance SEO copywriting team who can write your content for you. However, before launching your campaign, these copywriters need to know a number of things before producing your optimized content. To ensure that each text meets your requirements, the copywriting team needs to know :

  • The nature of your business
  • Your company profile

You can even specify a specific topic to be covered, define the writing style and tone to be adopted, etc. To optimize articles, in addition to selecting and inserting links, SemJuice editors can also integrate media files.

Evaluating the netlinking campaign

At the end of your netlinking campaign on SemJuice, the platform gives you a summary of your results.detailed report on action taken. This will give you an idea of the relevance and effectiveness of your strategy. SemJuice also enables you to see and track the effectiveness of your strategy.track your website's ranking in search engine SERPs.

Advantages and features of SemJuice

SemJuice's services are not new on the net. Many netlinking platforms offer much the same services. The question is, why use SemJuice? To answer that question, here are a few advantages and specific features that I found interesting during my test.

Customizable offers

The first advantage I found with SemJuice is the ability to customize offers. This is backed up by the site's teams of specialists, who also provide you with customized support. So when you define and implement your netlinking campaign, you can fully customize your strategy.

For example, you can order around fifty links for a one-off campaign. In addition to these links, you'll have anchors on which to place them. You can also define and give specific instructions for writing the articles. Then all you have to do is launch your campaign, which will run automatically.

You can also opt for buying links, one by one. This allows you to test the relevance of the site and the links ordered as you go along. This technique can be time-consuming, but it gives you greater control over your budget and your SEO strategy.

For those who don't have the time to devote to developing a netlinking campaign, they can delegate the task to the SemJuice team. In this case, all you need to do is determine your SEO objectives to optimize your website's visibility. The team in charge of your account will define the netlinking campaign for you. This means finding links and sites. They also choose the content that matches your needs and the anchors where each link will be placed. In other words, all you have to do is monitor the campaign and see the results.

Quality links and articles

Another strong point of using SemJuice is the quality of the texts it produces and the links it generates. When you order an article on the platform, the writers are briefed according to your needs and visibility objectives. What's more, a dedicated team is in charge of proofreading and correction of articles produced. And we take your instructions into account to ensure that they comply with your order. Moreover, SemJuice provides precise details of the offer and the control system for each production on its website.

I've also noticed that SemJuice is careful about overoptimization. If anchors are used too often, they will be refused. This avoids being penalized by the algorithms of certain search engines like Google.

In addition, SemJuice focuses on themed links. In this sense, it considers your field of activity when choosing links. So, if your website is about sports equipment, the links will be integrated on platforms dedicated to sports. It's rare, therefore, for these links to end up on general-interest sites.

Responsive customer service

Customer service is another of the platform's advantages and strengths. In my opinion, it's one of the few platforms on the market with really good customer service. dynamic and committed to support you. If you have the slightest difficulty, a team can be reached at any time via the SemJuice telephone line. You can also write an email to the site team to request personalized support for example.

A large number of publishers

SemJuice currently lists over 7,000 partner platforms. This makes it easy to find the quality links you need to optimize your SEO strategy. And to make the search easier, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these sites are well categorized. So you can, choose sites for your netlinking strategy according to theme. You can also get help from the Juiceflow index.

Some weak points to consider

Despite the interesting things I've noticed about SemJuice, the site is not without its faults, which you should consider before signing up.

Unfortunately, SemJuice has no catalog where you can analyze your spots before choosing them. This aspect is entirely managed by the platform. You cannot analyze the sites presented on the platform yourself. You have to make do with the quality analysis results and the index provided by Juiceflow. Admittedly, the latter is quite relevant, but a netlinking and SEO expert may need to evaluate and compare different spots.

Even so, if you choose sites in a fruit category where SemJuice lists quality platforms, you won't be disappointed with the quality of the links.

Sell links on SemJuice as a publisher

To be able to sell a link, you have 2 ways of accessing the interface for a publisher. After logging in, choose "add a publisher site" first.

This will take you to the editor interface. The second solution is to switch to the "publishers/advertisers" button. If you're logged in as an advertiser, simply click on the "publishers/advertisers" button to switch to the publisher interface.

A link sales strategy on SemJuice is a great way to earn attractive commissions. In fact, you can offer several sites at once. Depending on their quality and Juiceflow rating, it is perfectly possible to earn up to 75 euros per site. To analyze your site in this way, and enable link sales, SemJuice integrates a specific plugin on each of your platforms. From there, everything is done automatically.

Details and pricing structure for buying as an advertiser on SemJuice

SemJuice's rates for advertisers depend on the fruit chosen. I remind you that the websites of SemJuice's partners are categorized by quality. A system called Juiceflow defines a quality index for the sites and classifies them by category. Here, the categories are determined by fruit names. The price varies according to the fruit you choose. To give you an idea, here are some indicative prices on the platform:

  • In the strawberry" category 🍓, you have sites with indexes defined by luiceflow included between 10 and 74.99. For an order on a 250-word directory site, count 25 euros per link.
  • For the grape" category 🍇, the quality of the sites has an index from 15 to 34.99. For a site with 500 words of content, you pay 50 euros. For a link to a 2,000-word article, you'll pay 95 euros.
  • In the Kiwi" category 🥝, the sites have Juiceflow from 35 to 44.99. A site with 500 words of content will cost 100 euros. A 2,000-word text will cost 145 euros.
  • Then comes the orange" category 🍊 with web platforms rated 45 to 54.99. Expect to pay between 185 and 245 euros per link for articles in this category.
  • For the pineapple" category 🍍, Juiceflow is included between 55 and 64.99. Prices for each item range from 350 euros to 410 euros, depending on length.
  • And last but not least, the ultimate in quality is to be found in the watermelon" category 🍉. Sites have a minimum index of 65 in this category. The maximum index is 75. To have a link in the watermelon category, count on a minimum of 520 euros for a 500-word article. A site with 2,000 words of content will cost you 580 euros per link.

It should be noted that these prices are quoted exclusive of tax. They also include performance indicators such as :

  • Guaranteed number of visitors per month
  • Trustflow
  • Quote flow
  • Number of referring domains

Summary and review of the SemJuice platform

The platform's positive reputation as a serious netlinking platform is not stolen. Just the sheer number of sites where you can publish your links is reassuring, and it's a real plus. guarantees the platform's reliability. Each partner site is thoroughly analyzed and rated. This makes it easy to choose the best partner for your netlinking campaign.

I also note the product quality by the site team. These are well written and can easily be found at the top of the search engine SERP rankings.

To see the SEMJuice website : https://www.semjuice.com/

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