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Netlinking platforms simplify the process by offering various all-in-one solutions. You simply indicate your site, choose the link quality according to the rate and let the platform take care of the rest. Soumettre.fr has been specially designed with this in mind. This tool facilitates the acquisition of quality backlinks according to your needs. My own site benefited after I signed up. The team immediately took care of its SEO, and the results are impressive. In this article, I share my experience and impressions of the Soumettre.fr website.

Creation date :2016
Number of Partner Sites :
Price range :From €15.40 to over €1,000 (precise range varies according to services chosen and type of site)
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Attractive design and intuitive interface
  • Free resources to help improve SEO
  • Flexibility and adaptability to user needs
  • Well-stocked catalog with detailed information
  • Quick and easy purchasing process
  • Attractive rates and automated publishing
  • Professional and friendly support
  • Press relations option to boost visibility
  • Advantageous referral program
  • Additional services such as content writing
Weak points
  • Pricing policy in need of clarification
  • Mandatory drafting service, which can be restrictive
  • Paid option to choose URL and anchor (Updated 04/12/23 = Now free)

Introducing the Soumettre.fr platform

Soumettre.fr was created in 2016 to meet the netlinking needs of its co-founder, Rodrigue Fenard. The netlinking platform quickly became a reference in the field. As a result, the site generated over €20,000 in sales just two days after its launch. This success can be attributed to quality spots, attractive rates and flexible offers.

The platform establishes a connection between publishers and advertisers, with quick and easy operation. And all thanks to a segmentation based on criteria such as traffic and Trust Flow. Soumettre.fr also offers innovative features and a dedicated team. It extends its services to content writing, press relations and e-reputation. This provides a professional solution for improving search engine positioning.

Rodrigue Fenard also emphasizes the complementary nature of Soumettre.fr and Rocketlinks, following constructive discussions on their business models. He appreciates the spirit of Rocketlinks, but points out that their services differ. Soumettre.fr stands out for its mastery of content and its selective choice of publishing platforms. This is in contrast to Rocketlinks, where you can choose from a catalog. Automated publishing is coupled with a team of French editors ready to respond to the needs of customers and partners.

How the Soumettre.fr platform works

Soumettre.fr operates securely. In fact, the platform only reveals purchased spots once the link is in place, except for premium offers. The network takes precautions to avoid :

  • over-optimized anchors,
  • the spread of links,
  • and ensures the confidentiality of spots, explained in detail on their website.

On the other hand wait 30 days for links. Nevertheless, customer service can speed things up if need be. These aspects contribute to an excellent perception of the platform. This distinguishes it from the quick, opportunistic accumulation of low-end netlinking platforms.


Soumettre.fr's philosophy is to make your life easier as a trusted partner in SEO. The aim is to save you valuable time, while allowing you to retain control over the actions taken. Our account managers are there to support you and respond to your requests. You decide on all the details of the services. So, once you've registered on the platform, you can discuss marketing and sales issues with Rodrigue Fenard.

Registration on Soumettre.fr is quick and easy. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address and choose a password. Then click on "Create my account". A small window appears, asking if you'd like to receive the weekly SEO watch. Once you've completed this step, you're ready to start using the platform.

Buy links

Once you've registered, the platform sends you a link to access the link-buying interface.

The platform offers two methods for ordering links:

  • delegate the netlinking campaign to the reactors team
  • order links via the catalog.

The first option is to order sponsored links for the coming monthswithout any further intervention. You provide the URL of your site (1), choose the themes of the target sites (2), then select the category and quantity of links required (3).

Initially, your article is published in 30 days with :

  • a text of around 300 to 350 words,
  • a poorly optimized anchor,
  • and a link to the home page.

Paid options offer faster publication (within 7 days), 500-word content, and choice of anchor and URL.

Soumettre uses its own algorithm to select backlink publication sites, aiming for the best value for money. Starting with Silver+ spots at €250, you have the option of consult an account manager to select the best site and validate content before ordering.


Buying links from catalogs gives the SEO manager total control over his link acquisition strategy. This enables him to select sites in line with your theme. This is crucial for certain niches, as well as for spots meeting specific SEO criteria.

Ordering via the Soumettre.fr catalog offers a wide selection of nearly 30,000 sites. Although some turnkey netlinking sites do not appear in the catalog, this is a rare occurrence.

For those who don't have this specific knowledge or are looking for a quicker solution, turnkey netlinking remains a good option. Through the catalog, you can filter sites according to various criteria, such as :

  • the theme
  • the language
  • keyword positioning
  • number of referring domains (RD)
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow (indices provided by Majestic SEO)
  • maximum price

This method enables you to obtain a list and order sponsored items from the sites most suited to your needs. The cost of a sponsored link on the catalog varies considerably, ranging from €15.40 to over €1,000. The result is a range of prices to suit all budgets.

Access to the site catalog requires a membership application. This makes for an intuitive interface for those convinced of the service's relevance. However, the entry is reserved for qualified customers. To access this exclusive catalog, a customer account on the sponsored article purchasing platform is required. In fact, access to the catalogue is restricted to SEO players, whether at agency or advertiser level. This limitation is designed to preserve trust with site publishers, ensuring fair remuneration and respect for anonymity. It also protects the database of 20,000 French-language sites offering sponsored articles.

Turbo option

When you buy links, the turbo option allows you to prioritize your campaign. What sets this platform apart is that no commitment is required in terms of processing time.

Advanced briefs option

This option allows you to specify the target URLs for your links, otherwise they'll point to your default home page. You can also detail the link anchors and provide a small brief for each link. Although this is the most interesting option, it also entails an additional cost of 30 %.

Type of links

Discount service links provide you with 250-word article in a quality directory. This option is ideal for launching a new site or diversifying a link profile. Bronze service links offer increased visibility at affordable costs, although the sites are of average quality. However, it can be advantageous to combine several offers to diversify the netlinking profile.

Links to Silver and Medium offers are taken from thematic niche blogsThe Silver+ service enables you to obtain backlinks from renowned sites. The Silver+ service stands out for its ability to acquire quality sponsored articles. This improves your site's SEO with backlinks from thematic sites. Finally, the Gold service is the ideal place to promote your site, with several sites generating considerable monthly traffic.

Sponsorship program

Soumettre.fr offers a referral program that entitles you to a commission of 5 %. Your earnings are credited to the platform and can be collected via an invoice, or reinvested directly. Monthly earnings depend on the sales generated by your referrals, and are credited on the 1st of each month.

To become a sponsor, simply create an account, log in, then access the sponsorship page via your profile. You'll find your referral link, buttons for sharing it on social networks, and real-time tracking of your active and inactive referrals. So you can follow up with them if necessary.

Editorial department

Soumettre.fr offers a copywriting service with its own in-house team. You can submit your projects by providing a brief, keywords and the desired word count. Soumettre's French copywriters are carefully selected, trained in SEO and optimization tools such as YourTextGuru. By delegating copywriting, you benefit from these points:

  • quality, SEO-optimized content
  • the know-how of an expert copywriter
  • publishing flexibility
  • save time on strategic tasks
  • budget control thanks to a single tariff

Press relations

Soumettre.fr's "Press Relations" feature lets you order articles from press sites, from €250. When you want to acquire press links, you'll be accompanied by a project manager. He or she will guide you in choosing the right spots, advise you on the best strategy to adopt, and set up the interface between advertiser and publisher. Available sites include L'Express, La Tribune, Maison & Travaux, Auto Plus, Libération, Presse Citron, 01 Net, and many others.

Investing in press relations is crucial for increase visibility in a competitive environment. This establishes an essential link with the public, strengthening market presence. Press relations guarantee greater visibility for the organization's actions, improving awareness at all levels.

The support of a reputable press organization lends credibility and confidence, attracting potential customers. This strategy also makes it possible to talk about the company at a lower cost. The emphasis is on informative, well-written articles. It gives you a cost-effective presence in the media.

Setting up a press relations function requires an in-depth knowledge of the market. in-depth study of existing problems to develop a strategy in response to specific needs. It is crucial to identify the organization's strengths and weaknesses in order to anticipate potential obstacles. This strategy, deployed over the long term, requires the definition of specific, measurable, achievable and time-bound objectives.

In addition, the judicious selection of media outlets is essential to optimize the strategy. Developing impactful messages and choosing the right timing in the use of press relations tools are key elements. Finally, the effectiveness of the strategy also depends on the skills and budget allocated to the press relations function.

Advantages & features of the Soumettre.fr platform

First and foremost, the platform is distinguished by attractive design, simplicity and intuitive interface. At the same time, there are many free resources available to help you improve your SEO.

I particularly appreciate the platform's flexibility, as it can adapt to my requirements, whatever they may be. What's more, its catalog is well-stocked and detailed. Purchasing links is quick and easy. Not to mention publication. I also appreciate the attractive rates and the automation of article publication.

For after-sales service, Soumettre.fr has a friendly team and offers professional support. What's more, you can build a genuine professional network with Soumettre.fr's press relations function. I'm also impressed by the platform's professionalism and proactivity. It really takes your needs into account and provides close follow-up.

In addition, the latest news at Soumettre.fr includes the opening of the catalog and work in progress to make the interface more attractive. This starts with the back office. Damien Klein, co-founder of the All4Affiliates affiliate plugin, recently joined the team to open a new Site Publishing branch. As a result, additional SEO tools are under development, notably for backlink monitoring and rapid backlink auditing.

Weaknesses of Soumettre.fr

Although Soumettre.fr offers many advantages, its pricing policy leaves room for improvement. These include the fact that users are required to pay to choose anchors and URL. What's more, the high cost of copywriting services can be a barrier for some users.

But also, payment times can sometimes be longer than on other netlinking platforms. The copywriting service is compulsory, which can be restrictive for those who would prefer to write their own content. Although the pricing for speed of publication and text length is understandable, the paid-for choice of URL and anchor is a hindrance. In fact, this is a free option with the competition.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

The Publishers program

The Soumettre.fr "Publishers Program" offers a partnership opportunity. To participate, create an account on Soumettre.fr and install the WordPress plugin. You can also contact support if your site is not on WordPress. As a publisher, you allow articles to be published on your site as part of the submissions sold to other customers. You'll then be paid for each submission.

It may take some time before you receive your first publications with Soumettre.fr. After initial configuration, a check your site and setting your commission can take several days, depending on demand. Then you'll receive publications as customers place their orders. The manually-assisted spot selection algorithm takes into account some forty criteria to maximize customer satisfaction.

The commission

Soumettre.fr provides variable revenues, with commissions per submission ranging from from €10 to €1,500. The commission depends on your site's themes, metrics and content length. You can define your editorial line by filling out a brief, specifying the accepted themes, content length, tone, audience and desired vocabulary.

To collect your revenues with Soumettre.fr, legal entities can use the "Payment request" interface. This allows them to send invoices or recycle their credit by purchasing netlinking or content campaigns. Individuals can reuse their credit, but cannot cash in their earnings, in compliance with French legislation. The maximum period for receiving payment is three weeks.

It's important to remember that the potential gains from selling articles and sponsored links depend on a number of factors. The awareness of your site plays a crucial role. High popularity means you can charge higher prices and attract more inquiries. What's more, the number of sites you own and their ranking have a direct impact on your chances of earning more. Last but not least number of platforms on which you are registered can influence your income. Indeed, demand varies from one platform to another throughout the year. Registering on several platforms also increases your opportunities to sell links or sponsored articles.

Personally, I use Soumettre.fr on the publisher's side, as it allows me to automate the publication of sponsored articles on their sites. This generates substantial revenue. I also occasionally use the platform as an advertiser because of its excellent value for money.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

Rates for buying links or articles as an advertiser vary according to the type of link and service chosen. Discount services are priced from €10 to €22 ex-VAT, including a dedicated article of at least 250 words. Bronze sites are priced at €30 ex VAT, while Silver sites are priced at €38 ex VAT. For the Medium service, sites are priced at €120 ex VAT for an article of 400 words or more. As for the Silver+ service, the price is set at €250 excluding VAT. This gives the advantage of a site attracting several thousand visitors a month.

Finally, the Gold package is priced at €500 plus VAT, including a 500-word article. This price is justified by the high volume of traffic generated.

Summary: review of the Soumettre.fr platform

My opinion of Soumettre.fr is quite positive. Its reputation is solid, rivalling other high-performance netlinking platforms. It stands out for its robust catalog and fast ordering service. What's more, by combining different offers, it's possible to find interesting opportunities and make good business deals.

Soumettre offers competitive rates, especially compared to other independent link providers. Even with similar site quality, Submit offers more affordable prices. What's more, all copywriting is included and maintains satisfactory quality, which reinforces our overall appreciation.

To see the Soumettre.fr website : https://soumettre.fr/

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