13 Best SEO Backlink Analysis Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly specialized field. On Google, backlinks are one of the most important factors in achieving an excellent ranking in search results. What is an SEO backlink? A backlink is an external link integrated into the content of a site that points to another site. On the other hand, [...]

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly specialized field. On Google, backlinks are one of the most important factors in achieving an excellent ranking in search results. What is an SEO backlink? A backlink is a external link which is integrated into the content of a site that points to another site. However, having backlinks isn't enough to optimize your SEO. You need to analyze them regularly to ensure their quality. To help you with this arduous task, you can use backlink SEO diagnostic tools. Read on for details. 

What is an SEO backlink and why analyze it? 

Backlinks are essential for increase your online visibility. Thanks to these external links, your website is more likely to move up Google's list. Indeed, when a platform is cited as a reference in the article to another websitesearch engine algorithms rate the relevance of content. 

Inserting external links requires a netlinking campaign between platforms whose content is linked. When the author of a text believes that one of your articles is relevant, he or she will insert a link that redirects the reader to the corresponding page. 

However, these external links are only effective if they are integrated into a quality article. Hence the need to monitor backlinks regularly. This will enable you to improve SERP positioning of your site while defying the competition.

In addition to the checking the quality of SEO backlinks, you need to correct dysfunctional links. You should also think about minimizing link losses. This, in addition to searching for error pages with backlinks. Even so, you don't have to carry out these operations manually. 

The evolution of technology and web referencing techniques has encouraged the creation of SEO backlink diagnostic tools. They give you a list of all the links pointing to your site. You also have access to information on the platforms that integrate your links. 

With the best backlink diagnostic toolsYou'll have all the information you need to measure the quality of each external link. So you can implement an effective backlink strategy to improve your site's SEO. 

What are the best SEO backlink analysis tools?

There are so many tools for analyzing external links that you could easily get lost. Here's a list of the best SEO backlink diagnostic tools with their main features to guide your choice. 


SEMRush is designed for SEO professionals and digital marketing. It's a complete SEO app, easy to use and powerful. The options offered by this software are numerous. Among other things, it lets you :

  • perform an SEO audit, 
  • manage your content,
  • set up search engine advertising campaigns.

Concerning the backlink diagnostic functionality, this alternative uses a database of data from over 43 billion links. This enables it to carry out an intensive check of external links. Once this check is complete, the software provides you with a list of all the links pointing to your site. You also have access to the type of backlinks and the authority score of each one.

You can break down the data you collect using this application and thanks to several filters. Want to know about existing backlinks, lost links or gained backlinks? Simply select the filter according to the information you wish to study. 

On SEMrush, you can activate an option that notifies you as soon as a platform deletes its backlinks. You can also a survey of competitors and identify the most reliable pages. 

All this comes at a price. SEMRush is a pay-as-you-go program with a range of different offers. The most affordable rate on this platform is 119.95 USD per month. On the other hand, you can use the site for 30 days free of charge as a trial. 

SEMRush's main features

  • SEO software 
  • Technical audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Position tracking 
  • Prices from USD 119.95 to USD 449.95 per month

The benefits 

  • Complete software
  • Easy to use 
  • Free version available.


  • Relatively high prices
  • Insufficiently advanced design

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO allows you to check backlinks with overall platform score. It also provides a graph showing link profiles. This app uses Trust Flow and Citation Flow to inform you about the quantity and relevance of links pointing to your website. What's more, you can see the exact number of referring domains and sub-domains, not to mention IP addresses. Majestic SEO also stands out for its detailed information on link creation histories.

There is a free version of Majestic SEO. However, if you want to use this application to its full potential, you need to subscribe to a package. You can choose between 3 offers:

  • Lite formula: €469.90 per year, from €39.16 per month. 
  • Pro option: €949.90 per year, from €76.16 per month.
  • API offer: €3,799.90 per year, from €316.66 per month.

If you're a small business, the Lite offer may be right for you. On the other hand, larger companies and web agencies should opt for the Pro version. This package allows you to study platforms in greater depth.

Key features of Majestic SEO

  • Backlink analysis solution
  • Fully online application
  • High-performance crawl system
  • Prices from €39.16 per month
  • Available in 11 languages

The benefits 

  • Comprehensive reporting functions
  • Includes an extension for Chrome and Firefox
  • Create inbound links in addition to outbound links.


  • Data only includes organic searches
  • No recommendations to improve SEO

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also ideal for business owners, and marketers alike. This application is designed to help you with all the steps you need to take to improve your online visibility. As a result, it enables you toidentify backlinks that redirect visitors to your site, as well as domain names. Source URLs and anchor texts are also available. To use Google Search Console, you need to create a Google account.

 Google Search Console features

  • Web optimization application provided by Google
  • Website review platform 

The benefits

  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of options to improve referencing 
  •  Free solution
  • Measures site performance.


  • Limited information about backlinks

Link Detox

To make a effective auditing of backlinksyou can opt for Link Detox. This app is dedicated to controlling links in order to reduce the risk of Google penalties. It helps you to quickly identify spam links and those that could harm your SEO. To improve the relevance of your backlinks with Link Detox, you need to pay a minimum subscription fee of €249. 

Link Detox features

  • Application to identify lost or won links
  • Monthly subscription from €249
  • Compatible with virtually all IT systems 

The benefits 

  • Ease of use 
  • Quickly detects toxic links
  • Extremely effective backlink analysis


  • High bid prices
  • Slow technical functions

Link explorer 

Many people consider this solution to be the best for their needs. best backlinks application at the moment. It provides a list of the links that other platforms use to redirect visitors to your content. You can then know exactly where your site and pages are located. This platform also lets you compare your link profile with that of the competition. You can also find out what other platforms have done to obtain backlinks.

Link Explorer is one of today's most popular tools for small and medium-sized businesses. This platform enables these structures to improve their visibility. It helps you gain insight into links lost and gained at any time. It also enables you to find suitable content for your links. Reliable, this platform optimizes the relevance of your links while reducing the number of spammy backlinks. 

Link Explorer features 

  • Solution specially designed for the communications industry
  • Monitoring of advertising campaigns and SERP positions
  • Languages: English and French
  • Price: €99 per month

The benefits 

  • Optimal management of web pages
  • Packed with interesting technical options 
  • Suitable for VSEs and SMEs 


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Reduced customization functions


Appear on front page from Google is no mean feat. Fortunately, you can count on Ahref to help you achieve your goals. It's a complete app for both individuals and professionals in the SEO field.

Ahrefs is designed to help you create your own followed by your position in the SERP and analyze the competition. It's not limited to SEO functions. It also helps you perform searches based on your article. Why choose Ahrefs? Simply because its backlinks database is systematically updated. A database which, by the way, covers some ten billion Internet platforms.

However, it should be noted that Ahrefs does not offer free trials. You have to pay in advance to benefit from a 7-day trial of one of the available offers. However, you can cancel your subscription without obligation. 

Ahref features

  • Competitor analysis solution created in 2011
  • Website audit 
  • Monitoring of SERP positioning trends

The benefits 

  • Provides accurate data
  • Includes comprehensive technical options
  • Search for keywords


  • High prices for small structures
  • Limited free technical options
  • Slow analysis

Neil Patel's backlinks

Want to outrank your competitors? Neil Patel's Backlinks can help you to improve your search engine ranking. This tool provides you with a list of backlinks relevant to your business. What's more, it lets you filter the information according to the Backlinks SEO analysis you want to perform. 

With Neil Patel's Backlinks, you can gather information you need for your SEO. External links from platforms operating in the same sector as you, anchor texts, URLs, geolocation... Everything is available in just a few clicks. 

You'll have no trouble understanding how NeilPatel's Backlinks works. Handling this completely free of charge doesn't require any specific technical skills. On the other hand, its options are rather limited compared with those of other SEO backlink analysis tools. As a result, it's better suited to small businesses and blogs than large corporations. 

The features 

  • Link analysis tools for all user profiles 
  • Efficient link filtering 
  • Language: English


  • Ergonomic interface
  • Possibility of free use
  • Includes keyword generation functionality


  • Limited database
  • Export links in CSV format

Rank signal

Rank Signal is a great ally for SEO. The data it provides for backlink analysis is highly accurate. In particular, this tool enables you to know the referring pages, the anchor texts used and the corresponding URLs

You're looking for the most effective backlinks to challenge the competition? Rank Signals helps to improve your search engine rankings. We do this by.., it flags links that could harm your SEO. In addition, this platform can detect NoFollow and DoFollow links.

Rank Signals leverages the databases of other platforms such as Alexa Ranks to help you with your SEO backlink analysis. But what really sets this tool apart is its ability to inform you about social network shares. 

Rank Signal features 

  • Free backlink analysis solution
  • Monitoring competitor links


  • Provides easy access to SEO metrics


  • Relatively complicated navigation
  • Limited technical functions
  • Slow interface


Web copywriters, web marketing agencies, SEO consultants... they all see SEObserver as a time-saving, productivity-enhancing solution. This solution helps you track the progress of your competitors and adopt an effective SEO strategy. In just a few clicks, this solution enables you to find out about domain pagesbacklinks, anchor, attribute and date. Link review on SEObserver is automatic.

SEObserver perfectly combines SEO optimization functions with backlink research. However, it's a premium solution. You have to pay a subscription fee to use it properly. This can sometimes be a deterrent for users who don't have a SEO budget.

SEObserver features

  • SEO competitor analysis solution 
  • SEO audit 
  • Keyword generation
  • Prices from €99 per month.

The benefits

  • Simple interface 
  • Chrome extension 
  • Compatible with many systems


  • Difficult to use for beginners.
  • Features many complex functions.
  • Expensive prices compared to competitors.


Linkody's automated backlink checker combines performance and time savings. With this solution, all you have to do is manually check links. In fact, it sends notifications and reports directly to your e-mail inbox. You can choose the settings to list the performance of links won or lost. You can also filter results according to spam score, geolocation or the state of the Google index. You can then sort the resulting list according to your needs.

Linkody's SEO backlink analysis allows you to determine :

  • anchor texts, 
  • distribution of metrics 
  • or the spam score. 

With this tool you can also remove backlinks from certain platforms when they are likely to harm your SEO. 

Linkody is available from USD 14.90 per month. This price gives you access to a verification of up to 500 links. 

Linkody features

  • Tool for monitoring inbound links
  • Offer a free test for one month
  • Platform with technical support and online assistance
  • Rates: from €13 per month

The benefits 

  • Quick setup
  • Real-time link control 
  • Interface can be translated into French


  • Provides very little information about competitors
  • Unsatisfactory site audit performance
  • Difficult to learn for beginners


With BuzzSumo, you can quickly analyze the sites that share a large amount of content on the market. This way, you can contact them to work out a deal that will benefit both you and them. With all the useful information about a platform in particular, you'll be able to suggest new links.

BuzzSumo is also a platform that helps you to find domains that can associate with you. This further increases the opportunities for backlinks. What's more, this tool allows you to carry out a maximum of 10 searches per month. However, you need to register first. 

BuzzSumo features

  • SEO tool with backlink analysis function
  • Web-based text generation platform
  • Prices from 99 USD to 299 €.

The benefits 

  • Extensive database
  • Allows you to filter the list obtained from the Backlinks analysis
  • Easy to handle


  • Expensive

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO offers you a a host of SEO functions. It's one of the most powerful tools available for backlink analysis. In particular, this platform enables you to check your referral sites. It allows you to quickly identify lost links in addition to those that pose a threat to your ranking. As a result, you can control the risk of penalties and maintain or improve your SERP ranking.

The information gathered by Cognitive SEO following a SEO backlink analysis are organized for easy interpretation. You'll find a list of all the sites that include links to your content. You'll also find keywords used for ranking and the search engines that display them. 

SEO Cognitive is one of the most effective backlink sites around. On the other hand, its price is extremely high. To use it properly, you need to pay 129 USD per month. This enables you to carry out site audits, link analysis and ranking tracking, among other things. 

Features of Cognitive SEO

  • SEO tool for in-depth backlink analysis
  • Checking referral sites
  • Price: per month 129.99 USD per month

The benefits 

  • High-performance, versatile tool
  • Includes interesting technical features
  • Offers customization options.


  • Exorbitant prices 

OpenLink Profiler

OpenLink Profiler is a platform that lends a helping hand to SEO professionals. Backlink analysis with OpenLink Profiler is free, fast and accurate. In fact, the information you gather with this tool is detailed. In particular, you have access to the total number of referral links and the backlink influence score. 

With OpenLink Profiler, you can filter the resulting list and analyze only the information of interest to you. For each link page, this tool informs you of :

  • page activity, 
  • the link anchor text in addition to the verification date. 

What's more, you have the ability to disavow links that may call your expertise into question.

OpenLink Profiler features

  • Free SEO backlink analysis tool
  • One of the tools launched by SEOProfiler


  • Enables in-depth analysis of backlinks
  • Filter the list


  • Unable to save report

How to choose the best SEO backlink analysis tool? 

The best SEO backlink analysis tool varies from user to user. It all depends on your expectations and needs. 

Select tool type 

You should know that there are two types of SEO backlink analysis tools. You can rely on off-page platforms which are limited to a strict analysis of external links. It is also possible to opt for a turnkey solution to check the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. This type of tool allows you to :

  • perfect your tags, 
  • improve your content 
  • or find better titles. 

All this in addition to SEO backlink analysis. 

Make a list of the features you need

An SEO backlink analysis tool is only effective for your natural search engine optimization if it integrates the following elements options your business needs. In fact, there are a number of options that are indispensable, such as determining the strength of backlinks. Indeed, the relevance of external links ensures their effectiveness. You'll also need a backlink diagnostic tool to help you detect broken links. Ideally, you should opt for a software capable of determining the origin of these links to quickly remedy the situation. 

Choose an ergonomic tool

Ergonomics is an important selection criterion, as you will be required to carry out regular SEO backlink analyses. It's in your interest to choose a tool that offers a fluid interface and easy navigation. Your productivity depends on it. In general, professionals prefer tools that are easy to start up and install. 

Focus on compatibility 

You need to choose a tool device-compatible SEO backlink diagnostics. Remember to find out which operating system is suitable for each tool before choosing the one you're going to use. You should also take into account device configurations required to use a particular software. On the other hand, it's a good idea to choose a platform that you can use via your smartphone. So you can optimize your time-savings while benefiting from ease of use.

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