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Are you looking for unique backlinks to optimize your website's visibility? But also to improve its ranking on Google and other search engines? If you have outdated websites but no idea what to do with them, Vipseo can offer you a solution. The creators of this platform place great importance on relationship between advertisers and publishers. And all this while guaranteeing optimum user protection. In this article, I share with you the results of my experiences after testing the VipSEO netlinking platform.

Creation date :2017
Number of Partner Sites :
Price range :Ranges from €20 to €2800 per spot
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Catalog of quality sites to improve web visibility and SEO.
  • Easier connection between advertisers and publishers.
  • Wide range of themes for relevant backlinks.
  • Marketplace for buying and selling websites and domain names.
  • Comprehensive netlinking and digital marketing service.
  • Personalized support from SEO experts.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface.
Weak points
  • No affiliate program for passive income.
  • Database of sites sometimes limited.
  • Potentially high prices on certain spots.
  • Possibility of overpricing by some publishers.

Introducing the Vipseo platform

Founded in 2017, Vipseo is an SEO platform powered by Fabrice Raquidel and Pablo Ambrogio. The platform offers a vast catalog for improve your website's visibility with backlinks quality. It also facilitates connecting advertisers and publishers. Vipseo also offers sponsored articles with relevant, high-quality links.

The Vipseo platform is specially dedicated to marketing agencies, SEO experts and webmasters. Its aim is to help you create and improve your SEO. And that, so that you rank well on search engine Serps like Google.

It's easy to get to grips with the site, with the possibility of publishing your articles on thousands of blogs and partner sites. Vipseo's advantage lies in its thematic categorization, which groups blogs and websites by subject for a more efficient more targeted communication.

The platform also offers a marketplace for advertisers and publishers. This space enables a precise search for domain names or sites via advanced filtering. It also provides access to a wide range of parameters:

  • monetization
  • content presence
  • topical category
  • keywords
  • quote flow
  • trust flow
  • minimum reference area

How the Vipseo platform works


Registering with Vipseo is quick and easy. To begin, enter your surname, first name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields. Then choose a password and enter your company's legal status and SIRET number. If you are an auto-entrepreneur without VAT, specify this in the "Customer type" section. If your company is subject to VAT, enter its number in the "VAT number" section. At the same time, enter your address, zip code, town of residence and country. Finally, register your information so that you can use the platform in complete security.

Buy link

To buy links on the Vipseo netlinking platform, you simply need to provide some information about your site:

  • the theme
  • the type of spotlight required.

What's more, Vipseo offers a wide range of themes. These range from agriculture and animals to home decoration and high-tech. The netlinking platform also offers specialized themes in English. To access the catalog, simply send a request by message or e-mail.


This netlinking platform enables you to buy or sell websites and domain names directly. Pricing criteria include :

  • SEO power
  • website traffic
  • and revenues.

What's more, on VIPSEO, sellers set their own prices. This offers the possibility of discovering exceptional opportunities, even if some abuses may occur. So, if you've got an old, unused blog, VIPSEO could be the solution for selling it. It will help you earn money, and free you from a financial burden.

Netlinking service

The Vipseo platform's netlinking service provides quality links to boost your website's authority and positioning.

Digital marketing services

In addition to SEO services, Vipseo also offers marketing services for social networks. This will further enhance your visibility on the Internet.

Private platform

To access Vipseo, a private platform, you must first apply. Once accepted, on the Dashboard you can choose the themes of the sites for which you want to buy a link. Vipseo will then show you the number of spots available and their cost according to your preferences.


The VIPSEO platform uses a internal algorithm called VIPJuice for classify sites according to criteria such as :

  • number of pages in Google
  • SEO traffic
  • the site's theme.

Close support

An SEO consultant is with you every step of the way. He'll guide you and look for the best places to integrate your content. If you have an expensive website, you have the option ofcontact Fabien Raquidel directly. What's more, our experts work with you right from the start of your netlinking campaign. And that's with no strings attached.

Advantages & features of the Vipseo platform

The first advantage that I can highlight with the Vipseo netlinking site is the free registration. Once you have registered, you can start your project immediately. To do this, write a brief outlining your expectations. What's more, Vipseo can grant you credit to help you get your project off the ground.

In addition to its catalog, I also appreciate the Vipseo netlinking platform's marketplace. You can find :

  • affiliate sites,
  • Adsense monetized blogs
  • and e-commerce stores.

What I also like is that you set your own link prices. Be careful, however, as many sellers tend to inflate prices. But if you look hard enough, you'll also find some nuggets at interesting prices.

In addition to quality backlinks from trusted sites, Vipseo also caters to professional bloggers. This netlinking platform also targets beginners looking to establish their online presence. Its private side is also a strong point.

I particularly like the visual aspect of Vipseo. The simplicity of the platform is reflected in its easy-to-understand interface. It's limited to a single presentation page, with a streamlined back office.

Another positive aspect worth highlighting is the site's pricing policy. Despite a limited number of sites, prices remain reasonable. In particular, Fabien Raquidel personally guarantees the exclusivity of these sites by meticulously selecting them according to certain key criteria.

As for customer service, it's impeccable. Every e-mail you send us receives an immediate, satisfactory response.

Vipseo's weaknesses

Vipseo does not no affiliate program for passive income. Nevertheless, it helps maintain value for money for its customers. If you're looking to earn commissions by promoting the platform, this is not the ideal choice. However, you can always contact the team directly to discuss possible partnerships. Visit somewhat limited database is also a shortcoming of this platform.

Moreover, the fact that publishers set their own prices has both an advantage and a disadvantage. While it may enable them to generate substantial revenues, it raises questions about the mutual trust between advertiser and publisher. In fact, if advertisers find the prices exorbitant, they may look elsewhere for alternatives. The result would be that the publisher would lose customers, thereby jeopardizing his remuneration. Visit high prices can also be an obstacle for users. Another area for improvement is the publication deadlinewhich is somewhat behind schedule.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

Selling links on this platform gives you the opportunity to gain notoriety and visibility on search engines. Selling links on the Vipseo netlinking platform is simple. First of all, you need to provide information about your website or blog, such as its theme. Next, the platform performs a thorough check of your website.

If your website meets Vipseo's selection criteria, it will be included in its catalog. Then, when an advertiser is interested in your spots and places an order, the platform pays you 25%.

To become a Vipseo publishing partner, unlike other platforms, you cannot register your sites on a self-service basis. However, this does not apply to the sale of domain names. In addition, you need to contact the platform. Rates will then be set individually after checking that your website generates minimum traffic on Ahrefs. This approach aims to secure links to exclusive sites that are not available elsewhere. This avoids the need for multiple listings of the same blog on several platforms, especially in rare subject areas.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

Spotlights on Vipseo range from €20 to €2,800. This offers a wide range of interesting spot choices, each with its own price depending on the type of spot. Standard is €55, Gold €80 and Premium €130.

It is important to note that these rates include content writing. And don't forget to factor these costs into your budget. When it comes to buying sites or domain names, prices vary considerably according to quality. They can start at €10 and €20 for domain names in several thousand euros and for complete indexed and monetized websites.

Summary: review of the Vipseo platform

My opinion of Vipseo is very positive. Firstly, the visual aspect of the platform reflects the professionalism of the founders, with a streamlined site devoid of superfluous elements. In addition, the marketplace function is particularly appreciated, offering a variety of interesting spots.

In addition, the Vipseo netlinking platform proves to be a simple and effective tool for netlinking. Despite its ongoing state of development, the platform already possesses the qualities needed to build a successful netlinking strategy.

Although some options and site listings are still evolving, optimizations are necessary to make this platform a must-have tool.

To see the VipSEO website: https://vipseo.fr/

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