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In digital marketing, your site's visibility and online reputation are crucial to maximizing your results. And that goes for both social and financial aspects. Today, many platforms offer netlinking services for boost the performance of your sites. However, choosing the right platform is essential before taking the plunge. That's why I've tested AccessLink, to give you my impressions and guide you in your choice.

Creation date :2019
Number of Partner Sites :More than 4,000 sites
Price range :From €2 to €10
Possible delegation :❌ No

  • AccessLink offers simplified order management, suitable for SEO beginners and professionals alike.
  • The platform provides customized netlinking strategies and simplified analyses.
  • AccessLink has an affiliate program for passive income.
  • Backlinks are multilingual and anchors are customizable.
  • Article planning and thematic categorization offer great flexibility.
  • 300-word articles are included with each backlink.
  • AccessLink offers regular promotions and excellent value for money.
Weak points
  • Lack of transparency on the site and results sometimes different from expectations.
  • Overuse can lead to over-optimization and search engine sanctions.
  • The platform decides where the links will be posted, limiting the choice of advertisers.
  • Variable delivery results with links to sites of uneven quality.

Introducing the AccessLink platform

AccessLink is a property of LAVISIBILITE.COM. This is a specialized SEO agency founded by SEO expert Olivier Barberis-Negra. The company focuses on the following themes:

  • sale of sponsored items for €10 via AccessLink
  • press relations and netlinking
  • sale of expired and premium domain names
  • publishing content on websites via a digital media group

So when you buy backlinks from AccessLink, you're buying from a company with expertise in SEO. The platform has a excellent reputation in the French SEO community.

The main objective of this platform is to ggenerate organic traffic and improve Page Rank of your site. It does this by simplifying the technical aspects that are difficult for most website owners to master. What's more, our SEO techniques are designed to easily bypass the Google Penguin filter.

At first glance, the AccessLink platform stands out for its financial accessibility. In fact, this platform dedicated to netlinking strategy offers its services for just €5. The platform also offers a simplified order management. This allows you to efficiently organize your strategies according to your projects. What's more, it provides you with a dashboard for rapid KPI analysis. I particularly appreciate the platform's speed and efficiency, as well as its delivery services, guaranteed within 48 hours. AccessLink adapts to a variety of SEO needs and is highly recommended by experts for its attractive price and the quality of its services.

The platform is also suitable for multilingual companies operating in many countries and offering a range of innovative services. It also proves useful to digital marketing agencies for their SEO campaigns. Bloggers who want to increase their online visibility also benefit. And with its user-friendly features, the AccessLink platform is ideal for SEO beginners.

What's more, it has over 4,000 publisher sites listed on its home page. It is important to note that the latter belong to the company itself. Unlike a traditional marketplace, AccessLink does not connect advertisers and publishers.. Above all, the platform offers a service for selling links on sites that belong directly to it. This ensures the long-term durability of your backlink.

How AccessLink works

Registration on the platform

To get started with Accesslink, you need to register. It's free and the first step is very basic. All you'll be asked for is your name, email address and password. Then you'll be taken to a page asking for more details, whether you're an individual or a company. Make sure you fill in all the required fields before confirming your registration. To complete this step, confirm your registration by clicking on the validation link sent by e-mail. You will be redirected directly to your Accesslink dashboard as soon as this phase is complete.

In addition, you can see on AccessLink :

Two order management options

If you're new to SEO or have simple needs like keyword research, simplified management is quick and easy. For SEO experts or agencies who want more control, there's advanced management. This allows further customization of campaigns, with specific parameters for each link.

Customized strategies

The "Organize strategies using projects" option lets you create projects to organize your different netlinking strategies. Useful if you manage several sites or campaigns, each project can have its own backlinks, articles and parameters. This facilitates campaign tracking and management. It also lets you measure the effectiveness of different strategies by easily comparing project performance.

Simplified analysis of netlinking strategies

AccessLink simplifies performance analysis of your netlinking strategy with graphics. These graphs present essential data such as :

  • the number of backlinks created,
  • traffic generated,
  • and other key indicators.

Quick access to this information facilitates make informed decisions to adjust or improve your strategy. This makes data analysis accessible even to non-experts.

Affiliate program for passive income

AccessLink offers an affiliate program that lets you earn money by recommending the platform. Each registration or purchase via your affiliate link earns you a commission. It's an easy way to monetize your SEO expertise and generate extra income without much effort. The program is user-friendly, suitable even for those new to affiliate marketing.

Advanced backlink settings

A practical AccessLink feature lets you customize each backlink. To do this, you first choose the site's theme and ensure the link's relevance. You also specify the backlink to which the link will point. Then specify the publication date for total control over when the link will go live. These functions are ideal for those with a planned netlinking strategy. But also for those who want to ensure that every link corresponds to their strategy.

Multilingual backlink options

AccessLink allows you to create backlinks in several languages, including French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. This feature is ideal for companies or individuals working in multiple markets or targeting a multilingual audience. It also offers considerable flexibility for expanding your online presence. As a result, it helps improve your search engine rankings in various countries or language regions.

Customizable anchors

I like the fact that AccessLink customizes backlink anchors. Indeed, you can choose anchors such as "read more" to encourage clicks, anchors, simple URLs. You can also optimize anchors with specific keywords. In fact, this customization is essential for SEO, as a well-chosen anchor improves your site's relevance and authority. It's also completely possible if you use a ninjalinking service.

However, respect the rule of 5 to 6 % for the same keyword in a publication. To get the most out of netlinking, optimize it with small links related to your main keyword alongside large, affordable links.

Add 300-word AccessLink articles

Every backlink you buy from AccessLink is accompanied by an article of at least 300 words. So not only do you get a link, you also get quality content. This winning combo also adds value to your site or blog. It's ideal for those who don't have the time or resources to create their own content, and for those who don't have the time or resources to create their own content. the cost of the article is included in the cost of the backlink. In this context, it makes the offer even more attractive. Indeed, this feature strengthens your content and improves your backlink profile. This is essential for a good SEO strategy.

Product planning

Article scheduling on AccessLink lets you decide in advance when your articles and backlinks will be published. This is useful for long-term strategies, especially when timing is important. For example, for a new product or feature, you can schedule several backlinks to be published at the same time. As a result, this strategy contributes not only to a successful launch, but also to a successful netlinking campaign.

Categorizing themes

AccessLink introduces thematic categorization to its platform. You can order backlinks on a variety of thematic sites, such as animals, art and culture, business and marketing. This thematic diversification offers greater flexibility in SEO strategy. As a result, the platform perfectly meets the preferences of those who opt for targeted links.

Free choice of backlinks

AccessLink gives you total freedom to choose the links you prefer. You can choose :

  • number of links per URL 
  • the start of your campaign 
  • dilution to spread the publication of links over time 
  • choosing an anchor 

This flexibility allows you to tailor your netlinking strategy to your specific needs.

AccessLink benefits and features

The AccessLink platform stands out for its speed and efficiency. With simplified or advanced order management, it offers more than 15 themes and 4,000 sites for your backlinks. It also offers a valuable multilingual service. And the KPI analysis it offers is a valuable tool for improving your sites.

On the other hand, improving your network of sites can be costly, especially if you're using expired domain names. AccessLink offers an affordable solution with backlinks at €10. This offers a cost-effective alternative for strengthening your network of sites without the high purchase, installation and maintenance costs associated with expired domains.

In addition to these points, the AccessLink team is made up of SEO experts who guide both beginners and SEO professionals through their tasks. What's more, they'll help you solve any problems you may encounter when using the platform.

AccessLink weaknesses

There are a few weak points that I note from my research, notably the site's lack of transparency. Some users have reported results different from what they expected. What's more, if you use it excessively, it can lead to over-optimization of your sites, and you could be penalized by the search engines.

What's more, during my tests, I found that the platform decides which site the links will be posted on. As a result, you can't compare statistics such as Trust Flow and the number of referring domains prior to purchase. What's more, delivery results vary. In other words, your link will either be on low-quality sites, or on high-quality platforms.

Sell links on the platform as an AccessLink publisher

Unfortunately not possible to register as a publisher on the AccessLink platform. On the other hand, you have 4,000 thematic sites with links that you can place in your sites with 300-word articles. What's more, you can earn €1 for each new affiliate advertiser.

Pricing details and how to buy as an AccessLink advertiser

To use AccessLink as an advertiser, after creating your account, you can place your first order easily. For bulk orders, you can provide a CSV file. For a standard order, simply fill in a form specifying :

  • the URL to link,
  • anchor type,
  • the number of items,
  • and planning.

For links, you can choose the exact type of anchor and indicate the percentage attributed to each anchor category.

AccessLink offers excellent value for money. Indeed, backlinks start at just €5, making the platform accessible to a wide range of budgets. There's also a special offer for new users, with a reduced link cost of €2 for the first article.

AccessLink regularly offers promotions that allow you to buy backlinks at even more attractive prices. Offers range from the usual Black Friday promotions to special campaigns for occasions like Christmas and Valentine's Day. What's more, when you sign up, you'll receive these creative promotions by e-mail. All in all, these promotional offers offer additional discounts on links that are already very affordable.

Summary: review of the AccessLink platform

AccessLink has nothing to envy the other netlinking platforms on the market. In fact, this platform's offerings can become a major asset to your netlinking strategies. What's more, its competitive rates and affiliate program offer the possibility of generate passive income. Linkuma follows in the footsteps of AccessLink.

What's more, AccessLink offers many advantages. For example, the effective choice of anchors promotes better positioning of sites on certain keywords. The backlinking policy has also helped some sites to gain significant positions on the SERPs. To achieve this, the site increases Trust Flow and highlights satellite interfaces to satisfy visitors.

AccessLink meets the challenging needs of SEOs, with fast order taking and efficient execution. This has produced excellent results on many projects. All in all, I feel thatAccessLink earns users' trust. Indeed, it has relevant offers even on a small budget. As far as customer service is concerned, I have a more than positive opinion, as it is attentive and proactive.

To see the AccessLink website: https://www.accesslink.fr/

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