Quality Free Backlinks - 13 Best Methods

To build an effective online presence, you need to focus on SEO techniques, the quality of your content and your popularity. With regard to this last point, it should be noted that for your website to establish its reputation, you need to obtain backlinks. But not just any backlinks - quality backlinks! After all, Google doesn't [...]

To build an effective online presence, you need to focus on SEO techniques, the quality of your content and your popularity. With regard to this last point, it should be noted that for your website to establish its reputation, you need to obtain backlinks. But not just any backlinks - quality backlinks! Indeed, Google only recognizes the reputation of an online platform when links are inserted in a natural way. What's more, this search engine penalizes web platforms that are marked by poor-quality inbound links. 

Are you new to SEO? Do you have a limited budget for your net linking campaign? You can get inbound links without the risk of being penalized by Google. And without spending a penny. Here are 13 ways to get free, high-quality backlinks. 

What you need to know before setting up a net linking strategy

Before embarking on a net linking campaign, you need to understand the importance of quality backlinks.

The definition of a backlink

A backlink is a link to the website content which redirects the reader to the content of another site. This inbound link is one of the essential elements for improving the SEO of your online presence platform. 

Backlinks hide behind link anchors in order to keep the visitor's reader flowing smoothly. By clicking on this anchor, the visitor lands directly on your web page to read other content that may be of interest. This content is related to what they've read previously. Backlinks are also essential for indexing robots. These external links enable search engine algorithms to quickly crawl your site. Each link leads to the discovery of a new page for these robots. This makes it easy for them to check the relevance and quality of your site. quality of the content attached to the link. 

The importance of backlink quality

Backlinks increase visits on your blog and improve your SEO. On the other hand, it's best to ensure that the links pointing to your texts come from other platforms with a strong reputation in your industry. This will ensure that the backlinks have added value for your site. You'll then have a better chance of obtaining a excellent SERP positioning

And if you want your site to appear among the top results of search engines, you need quality backlinks. In addition to the reputation of the site from which the external link originates, content relevance is also something to keep an eye on. In fact, a backlink is only effective if it links two productions that address a similar theme. Also, to increase your visibility on the web, you need to multiply your backlinks. Hence the importance of setting up a high-performance net linking campaign. 

The difference between netlinking and internal linking

Net linking has nothing to do with internal linking. The latter consists of organize your links between pages of your blog. Its aim is to help Google understand your site's structure and identify the most important pages. So, an internal linking action must integrate SEO principles while optimizing the user experience. You must therefore highlight strategic pages of your site. Also make sure that other pages include links that will take your visitors to them.

Netlinking, on the other hand, is a form of backlink generation strategy. It includes the participation of a third-party site. Links to your site can be obtained naturally. This is the case when a third-party site takes the initiative of pointing to one of your pages. You can also obtain these external links by collaborating with the owners of other platforms. 

The best ways to get free backlinks

Measuring the importance of backlinks for your SEO? Discover now the best techniques to get them for free. 

Focus on the quality of your content 

When it comes to SEO, content is king. As a result, the quality of your written output must remain at the heart of your concerns. What is quality content? It's content that responds precisely to search intent of your target audience. For this reason, you should avoid treating a subject as a whole. Your content must provide your readers with relevant information to encourage them to share it. Quality content is also easy to read. To do this, you need to produce well-structured, airy texts. 

Quality production is a free backlink magnet. Indeed, blogs that find your articles interesting don't hesitate to cite them as sources for their own articles.

Visit quality is also essential when you want to obtain backlinks from partner web platforms. Indeed, before offering your site's pages to another entity, you need to make sure that they are of interest to both the site owner and his readers. 

Use your professional and private network 

If you have relatives with a blog on the same theme than yours, you can ask them to include a link to your pages in their content. On the other hand, avoid a reciprocal exchange. This technique is not effective and may even lead to penalization by Google. 

The ideal is touse your professional network to get backlinks. Don't hesitate to ask your customers to add a link to their blog. This can be done even if the platforms are dedicated to different themes. Indeed, when your customers recommend you, it builds public confidence

You can also ask your suppliers include a link to your content on their blogs. This will save you the hassle of canvassing. 

Use guest-blogging

Guest-blogging, or the writing of a guest article, is a way of win-win method which allows you to obtain free and powerful backlinks. To do this, you need to contact bloggers in your field. Ask them to write a free article. In exchange for this "service", you add a link to one of your pages in this text. 

To find a blogger for guest-blogging, you can search on Google or contact those you already know. On the other hand, it's best to check a blogger's popularity before contacting them. This can be done using tools such as MajesticSeo or Ahrefs. If you're interested in several bloggers, make a list and prioritize them. It goes without saying that you must starting with the most influential

Offer a service in exchange for a backlink

Whatever your business, you need to have skills that can be used by third-party sites. Service, benefits, price reductions... these are all offers that may be of interest to site owners. All you need to do is find a a proposal they can't refuse. 

The advantage of this technique is that the external links you obtain are legitimate. They do not contravene Google recommendations. So there's no penalty. 

Exchange links for a post on social networks 

If you have a community on social networks, it can help you in your backlink acquisition strategy. However, not all professionals are interested in this exchange. Before making a proposal, be sure to visit the sites you're targeting. Ideally, you should approach a company whose community is smaller than yours. Otherwise, you need to Arguing the benefits that your position could bring him. 

Write news articles 

If you have a blog, you can get backlinks by writing articles on current events. It's a tried-and-tested strategy that saves you the hassle of looking for partners. 

In addition, writing news articles is an excellent way toappear in the "Google news" section. Nevertheless, to achieve your goals, make sure that your websites comply with Google's SEO requirements. In particular, you need to check that on-page and off-page settings are correct. What's more, this technique takes time to produce the desired results. So be patient. 

Note that to write relevant news articles, you need to keep a daily watch. And so.., constantly monitor publications sites that offer content you can process. What's more, responsiveness is key. You need to publish articles as quickly as possible. 

Use contests 

Internet competitions are becoming increasingly popular. What's more, they're a big hit with Internet users. What are the advantages of this technique? It allows you to gain visibilityincrease your list of e-mail addresses and get free backlinks.

You can use your social networks to promote your competition. You can also through your newsletter. All you have to do is exploit the resources you already have. On the other hand, you need to contact sites that deal with the same subject as you to receive inbound links.

Another advantage of online competitions time-saving. In fact, preparation for this event is a breeze. All you need to do is draw inspiration from the strategic axes used for other games. Make sure that participants can register automatically via e-mail. 

Suggest replacing broken links

The number of sites that have closed is so large that the links pointing to a 404 error page are countless. Your mission? Find broken links on the web and offer your links to replace them. To help you in this task, you can use Check My Links. It's a Google Chrome extension available on request. This software offers a free trial version and lets you check for broken links on the sites you're targeting.

How do you convince the owners of these sites to replace the broken links with yours? Simply by reminding them that links pointing to an error page are detrimental to the user experience. This, in addition to reducing a platform's SEO performance.

Search for sites that mention your company without a link 

It often happens that mention companies without making a link. This is a great opportunity to get free backlinks. You can use SEMrush to search for content in which your link should be integrated. This tool offers you the option of "Brand Monitoring which you'll find in the Content Marketing section. Simply enter your keywords and SEMRush will provide you with a list of unrelated mentions. Please note, however, that this platform is not free.

If you're looking for a completely free tool, Google may be just what you're looking for. To find the sites that should mention you, type the following query in the search bar: "votresite.com " - inanchor : "votresite.com " - site : "votresite.com ". 

Once you have a list of all the sites concerned, all you have to do is contact them. Offer toadd a link to each mention. The effectiveness of this method of obtaining quality blacklinks is based on the certainty that sites are aware of the quality of your content because they mention it. 

Contact the grouping sites to make an item proposal 

Websites that bring articles together are a great ally for your news watch in your field. To identify these sites, simply Google "news of the week" followed by a keyword. However, you need to analyze the results page carefully. To do so, you need to save time by avoiding canvassing irrelevant sites.

What's more, you need to ensure that the text you offer is of high quality. Indeed, you need to convince these sites that your productions can add value to other content dealing with the same theme. If you succeed in gaining the trust of these platforms, they will provide you with numerous backlinks. 

Use the directories

There was a time when directories were essential for SEO of all online presence platforms. Today, they no longer have any effect on organic SEO. However, you can use directories to obtain backlinks if you're new to SEO. This method also enables you to increase visits to your site.

What's more, directory registration doesn't take up much of your time. You don't have to go through a lot of procedures. All you have to do is contact them and wait for their reply. 

However, for this strategy to work, you must check the following points: 

  • Links must be "Dofollow".
  • Validation of indexing requests should not be automatic.
  • The site must have a certain notoriety.
  • The directory must request a full description of your site if reliable.

If any of these conditions are not met, it's best to change directory or strategy. 

Increase interaction on forums and blogs

By commenting on forums and blogs, you increase your chances of obtaining free backlinks. This strategy is often referred to as ninjalinking" . On the other hand, the links you obtain will undoubtedly be in "nofollow". Therefore, their impact on your SEO will be less compared to "DoFollow" links. 

This method still allows you to bring traffic back to your site. Traffic you can't afford to ignore if you're just starting out. However, you must avoid excessive spamming of your link. Google could penalize you. So keep your links to a minimum if you want to add value to your content. 

Commenting on the content of blogs or forums is also an opportunity to get to know their owners. This will make it easier for you to approach them about placing your link on one of their pages. 

Share your written productions on your social networks

Links on social networks are not supported by search engine algorithms. However, you should share your written productions on these platforms. The effectiveness of your marketing strategy content depends on it.

Sharing your texts on your social networks allows you to indirectly obtain quality backlinks. You should be aware that each share generates a link on the same platform. This is a "Nofollow" link. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to considerably increase your traffic, with each and every one of your publications. Which improves your SEO. 

What's more, when your publication is of high quality, there's a good chance that Internet users who have a site with it will be able to read it. in their content. 

Follow your links at a glance

Monitor your backlinks to boost your SEO

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