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With the rapid evolution of the Internet and the fierce competition from various online platforms, the strategy of netlinking has also developed. Today, more and more sites offer netlinking solutions to help online platforms to optimize their SEO campaigns. Among them, BoosterLink is a reference for SEO experts and beginners alike. If you're not familiar with this site, I've taken the liberty of testing it to give you an idea of what it has to offer. I'll also give you my opinion so that you can decide whether or not to use it.

Creation date :1996
Number of Partner Sites :More than 33,000
Price range :Between 20 and 100+ euros (depending on the sponsored item and level of service)
Possible delegation :✅ Yes

  • Platform with more than 33,000 partner sites, offering a broad catalog of netlinking campaigns
  • Comprehensive features for tracking SEO improvements
  • Production of quality sponsored content for backlink acquisition
  • Precise SEO indicators to assess the quality of publishing partners
  • Possibility of delegating the creation and management of the netlinking campaign to the BoosterLink team
  • Low-cost link exchange for small budgets
  • Opening up monetization for publishers through link sales
  • Real-time tracking system for search engine positioning
Weak points
  • No free trial period, requiring payment at the start of use
  • Potentially high service costs, which can be an obstacle for small businesses or beginners
  • Limited initial access to offers for new publishers, which can slow down monetization start-up

Introducing the BoosterLink platform

To boost your SEO strategy, there's nothing like using a good netlinking tool. Boosterlink is one of those platforms that can help you do just that, enabling you toimprove the visibility of your website. Let's take a look at Boosterlink and what it has to offer.

Boosterlink offers its customersacquire, sell and exchange sponsored content on its platform. Its aim is to help you develop and improve your SEO strategy. Boosterlink lists a large number of publishers and advertisers on its site, and enables them to get in touch with each other. 

On the platform, if you are an advertiser, you can go through the site to make thepurchase of optimized content with backlinks. These texts have been treated with care and quality links to help you rank well in the Google SERP.

Publishers can earn money by monetizing their articles and platforms. And all by publishing sponsored texts. Boosterlink currently has over 33,000 partner platforms. It offers a very broad catalog of spots to ensure the development and success of your netlinking campaign.

And if you need follow up on the links you have acquiredBoosterlink offers a range of features to help you. The same goes for tracking the improvements you've made to your SEO.

How BoosterLink works

Register at

To be able to connect to Boosterlink and optimize your netlinking strategy improvement experience, you need to start by registering. It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is click on the green button labelled "quick registration". You'll be redirected to the registration form, where all you have to do is enter your first name, e-mail address and password. Don't forget to check the box agreeing that you've read the platform's terms and conditions. And also, confirm the creation of your account by clicking on the link sent to you by e-mail. Without this, you will not be able to access the platform.

Define your goal

Once this is done, Boosterlink will ask you to fill in your website. Next, the platform will redirect you to a page where you can define your goal.

You will then have 3 options:

  • Acquire sponsored links as an advertiser 
  • Publish content in editor mode
  • Exchange content and articles with other partner platforms

All you have to do is tick one of the boxes and confirm your choice.

Once you have chosen your goal, Boosterlink will ask you to choose keywords. These will enable you to position your website. You'll then be able to track the evolution of your position on Google's SERP, so you'll know whether your strategy is working. This tracking system is totally free on Boosterlink.

Advantages and features of this platform

I've come to appreciate many of Boosterlink's features and benefits.

Production of sponsored text for link acquisition

When I signed up as an advertiser, I could not only buy links, but also get quality articles. Boosterlink takes care of write relevant texts with sponsored linksplagiarism-free and well-referenced.

SEO indicators for link acquisition

As Boosterlink lists a very large number of publishers in its catalog, to help you make your choice, they are evaluated and rated. Indicators are assigned to each publisher partner to measure and identify the quality of each one. This enables you to make the best decisions when choosing your spots. And that's to optimize your netlinking campaign.

To do this, Boosterlink offers indicators such as :

  • Analysis and rating of incoming links
  • Trust flow
  • Citation flows
  • The quality of referral domains

You should also know that, depending on your loyalty and seniority on Boosterlink, you will gradually gain access to the platform's partner sites.

Delegate the definition and implementation of your campaign to the Boosterlink team

If you're a busy person, it's perfectly possible to delegate the implementation of your campaign to the Boosterlink team. Our team can take care of :

  • Audit your existing netlinking strategy
  • Provide appropriate advice
  • Carry out link acquisition actions
  • Selecting partner platforms and publishers

All the while focusing on your objectives.

Other benefits

Boosterlink also offers low-cost link exchanges. If you don't have a large budget for a complete netlinking campaign, this is a good strategy. All you have to do is give and request backlinks from other platforms.

In addition, it is possible to make money selling links on Boosterlink. It's a great way to monetize your web platform or blog site. But it has to be of high quality and attract advertisers.

And last but not least, I liked the system for tracking the keywords used on your site. This allows you to see your search engine positioning in real time and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Weak points I found with BoosterLink

Despite the advantages of Boosterlink, I did notice a few drawbacks. First of all, if you decide to use the site, don't expect a free trial period. As soon as you get started, you have to pay (despite the possibility of doing a small test). Which brings us to another major drawback, since the platform's services are quite expensive. If you don't have the right budget, only link exchange can be interesting.

How can I sell links on BoosterLink as a publisher?

Selling links on Boosterlink allows you to host backlinks on your platform. This will enable you to monetize this hosting service. Advertiser links will be integrated into targeted content on your site.

To provide this service, Boosterlink puts you in touch with advertisers. Your site will then be associated with a specific theme, making it easier for advertisers to categorize and find partners. Once contact has been established with the advertiser, the collaboration can begin. However, Boosterlink will initially restrict access to your offers. As the collaboration between advertiser and publisher continues, you'll see more and more offers gradually become available. The advertiser can also order various items with sponsored links to boost your income.

Details of how BoosterLink's prices work for buying as an advertiser

To launch a Netlinking campaign on Boosterlink, you can request a quote directly to the team. But as a reference, you also have :

  • L'standard offer for backlink acquisition, which costs between €20 and €50. It allows you to purchase space on the publisher's site and order a sponsored article.
  • The premium offer for buying backlinks is quite expensive and costs around a hundred euros. We'll put you in touch with publishers with a high level of traffic.

These rates may also vary if you decide to order articles or not. The price will then vary according to the length of the sponsored article to be written.

Summary: BoosterLink platform review

The Boosterlink platform sees itself as a all-in-one tool and very interesting for launching a netlinking campaign. I really appreciate the range of offers and support the site provides. They really help you optimize your site's visibility as an advertiser, and monetize your content as a publisher. Even if the rates offered aren't really suitable for beginners, using their services can really boost your SEO strategy.

To see the BoosterLink website : https://www.boosterlink.fr/

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