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If you want to improve your SEO without having to pay an exorbitant price, Bulldoz is a good option. It's a web copywriting and netlinking platform created in 2018. It's not easy to stand out from competing websites. However, Bulldoz has managed to stand out from the crowd. Freelancers and businesses alike can find solutions to improve their netlinking activities at the right price. To achieve this, the Bulldoz netlinking platform draws on a number of strengths. With several years' experience under its belt, the site's team has been able to improve while remaining true to its values. You should know that the Internet is teeming with sites specializing in netlinking services. So you need to choose the right website for your projects, whether you're a company or a freelancer. So I decided to give Bulldoz a try, and here's what I think of it.

Creation date :2018
Number of Partner Sites :
Price range :Flexible, rates set by editors and site owners, vary according to services required
Possible delegation :❌ No

  • The platform is free, with no commissions or hidden fees.
  • Direct contact between buyers, advertisers, copywriters and publishers.
  • Simple, intuitive interface for ease of use.
  • Numerous practical tools for managing orders and invoices.
Weak points
  • Limited number of features compared to other pay platforms.
  • Less responsive customer support.

Introducing the Bulldoz platform

Bulldoz presents itself as a web authoring platform and also offers quality backlinks. With Bulldoz, copywriters can connect directly with their customers. There are no intermediaries. The platform also offers a range of tools for managing orders, deliveries and invoicing. These tools are invaluable in facilitating everything that can be done on the platform.

  • Visit content writing. When you enter Bulldoz, you can choose tobuy or sell items. Many other platforms also offer this service. However, on Bulldoz, each writer is free to set his or her own rates according to the offers on offer. Buyers can also sort writers according to certain criteria.
  • Buying and selling links. Customers contact site owners directly to place orders. Bulldoz provides its users with practical tools. So you can easily buy or sell links on the platform.

The services offered on Bulldoz are interesting at first glance. The way the platform works taught me more about what a user can do.

How the Bulldoz site works

In principle, all netlinking platforms work in the same way. So, it's by considering the details that a site can stand out from the rest. To find out more about Bulldoz, I signed up for this netlinking platform.


The site's interface is very simple, and immediately sets out the essentials you need to know before registering. To become a member, you need to fill in a form and provide a number of details. Among other things, you'll be asked to enter your full name, e-mail address and choose a password. You then have to accept the platform's T&Cs before validating your registration. You can register as an editor by checking the appropriate box. Once you've registered, you can log in with your e-mail address and password. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

Link selection

Webmasters are in direct contact with those wishing to buy links. They will present their sites with as much information as possible so that users can select the right links. You can choose from a wide variety of websites on the platform.

Purchase and publication

Whether you're looking to hire a web copywriter or buy links, Bulldoz has you covered. You can contact site owners and writers according to the services you need. Tools such as the directory, order form and private messaging are there to help you. On the site directory, each owner lists information such as :

  • Its identity
  • Your website URL
  • The theme of your website
  • Prices for the various services on offer

You can also enter other information in the directory. The various selection criteria can also help you. I'm talking in particular about metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. All this helps you to better choose the spots with the quality you're interested in.

As far as publishing is concerned, Bulldoz does not take charge of distributing the articles you order. In fact, this task is carried out according to the agreements made with the editors and site owners. Information about orders is exchanged in the member area.

The support

As far as support is concerned, the platform can advise you on a number of levels. However, customer service can be less responsive than on other sites. This isn't really a problem, as there's nothing complicated about Bulldoz.

Bulldoz benefits & features

Bulldoz appeals to a large number of freelancers and companies because the platform has a number of advantages to offer.

Free of charge

The vast majority of netlinking platforms take commissions from both publishers and advertisers. Not so with Bulldoz. In fact, Bulldoz has the advantage of being free. There are no hidden commissions or fees on the price of this netlinking platform's services. In fact, one of the founding ideas of this platform is tohelping new entrepreneurs get started. It's certainly not easy when you're taking commissions. This free service is a big advantage for the platform. To get free links, the ninjalinking can also be a solution.

Connecting people without intermediaries

Bulldoz strives to minimize the number of intermediaries between buyers, advertisers and editors, publishers. The platform Bulldoz puts buyers and sellers in direct contact so they can talk freely. This offers a number of advantages worth mentioning:

  • Possibility of direct negotiation
  • Editors and publishers set their own prices
  • Sellers and buyers can ask questions to ensure quality of work

Thanks to this concept, communication between the two parties is much smoother. The result is better collaboration.

Ease of use

Another advantage of Bulldoz is the ease of use of the platform and its interface. You'll notice that the interface is easy to learn and very intuitive. You'll find it hard to get lost navigating the site. Whether you want to buy or sell, all the information on the Bulldoz website is very clear.

The presence of numerous tools

I like the fact that I can use different tools on the Bulldoz website. I'm referring in particular to the tools for managing orders and invoices. Messaging is also an important communication tool.

Bulldoz's weaknesses

Although the platform has a number of advantages to offer, it's worth mentioning a few weak points.

The number of functions

On Bulldoz, the number of features can be quite limited compared to what other platforms offer. In fact, since the platform is free, it may be that some advanced features on pay sites are missing. For some users, this may be a disadvantage.

Limited support

The platform's customer support is not very responsive. Paid platforms often pay particular attention to customer service to better satisfy users. In the case of Bulldoz, this aspect of the site could be improved.

Sell links on Bulldoz as a publisher

As a registered member of the platform, you can earn money by selling links as a publisher. If you think your site is good enough for customers, you can monetize it on Bulldoz. In this case, you'll need to list it in the platform directory making sure to mention all the information that goes with it. I'm talking about the URL of the site, its theme and other important information. This way, interested buyers can contact you directly to place an order. You can then discuss the various terms and conditions in the member's area.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

In terms of pricing, all is free on Bulldoz. Prices on quotation. As a result, editors and site owners set their own prices. Prices can vary according to the services you request and the choice of vendor. One writer may charge a few cents for 100 words, while another may offer several tens of euros. Rates on this platform are therefore very flexible.

Summary : Bulldoz review

After spending a while on the platform, I could see that it really stands out from the competition. This is largely thanks to theno commissions. Users are free to buy and sell throughout the site. The fact that there are no intermediaries is also a key point to consider. With this asset, buyers and sellers can better communicate. All in all, Bulldoz is a very interesting platform, to say the least. It's perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, professional and, above all, free netlinking site.

To see the Bulldoz website: https://www.bulldoz.net/

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