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Do you want to increase the visibility of your website? Are conventional SEO solutions no longer enough to achieve this goal? Nowadays, netlinking sites make your job easier. They offer services that enable you tobuy or sell backlinks. This type of service is aimed at all types of website publishers, as well as advertisers. So, whatever the topic you're dealing with, netlinking platforms can meet your expectations. But before you get started, you also need to choose the right site to register with. TooLinks is one of these specialized platforms. Still young on the market, I tested this netlinking platform to find good spots, but also to sell links. I give you my feedback in this review.

Creation date :2023
Number of Partner Sites :Around 100 sites
Price range :From 89 euros to 489 euros per month
Possible delegation :❌ No

  • Flexible subscription system offering good value for money.
  • Automatic publication of links, simplifying the process for the advertiser.
  • A variety of offers to suit different budgets and needs.
  • Ease of use with a simple registration process.
Weak points
  • Limited number of partner sites, lack of diversity in available choices.
  • A young platform, still lacking brand awareness and extensive market presence.

Introducing the Toolinks platform

TooLinks is a fairly simple netlinking platform. young on the market. However, TooLinks is a subsidiary of netlinking giant Ereferer. TooLinks' main activity is to offer a range of sponsored links. Advertisers can acquire these backlinks from a specific catalog available on the TooLinks platform. On this catalog, I was able to find a large number of publisher websites with a variety of themes. They can meet a variety of needs.

How the Toolinks platform works


Like all sites offering netlinking services, the adventure begins with the TooLinks registration phase. To do so, start by clicking on the "Register" button on the TooLinks homepage.

You will then be redirected to the registration page, where you will be asked to follow 2 successive steps. For the first step, you'll be asked to inform your :

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password to be confirmed

The next step provides information on :

  • Your country
  • Your city of residence
  • Your company name
  • VAT number

Complete this step by ticking the acceptance of the TooLinks T&Cs. You can then click on the finish button and you'll be redirected to the platform's dashboard interface. However, you can't do anything until you've viewed the registration validation e-mail. By clicking on the validation link, you'll be taken to the TooLinks interface, ready to use. 

Link selection and acquisition

 TooLinks catalog

Like all netlinking sites, TooLinks helps you to find the ideal spots to optimize your netlinking campaign. So, to get a quality link, after logging onto the platform, you'll be redirected to the catalog of TooLinks partner publisher sites. This catalog can be found under the "find a site" tab in the platform menu.

In the catalog, you'll see that initially, all domain names are masked. You can only access them by taking out a subscription. To do this, you have the type of subscription plan that allows access to sites under each domain name. So, for the best websites with good scores on Toolinks metrics, you'll see "premium plan" or "advanced plan". For basic websites, you'll see "general plan".

The choice of plan

However, in order to allow new advertisers to test and see the quality of the sites proposed, TooLinks allows them to access to 3 domain names. The platform also allows you to filter publisher sites available in our catalog. The aim is to optimize your choice. You can filter the available sites according to different criteria, such as :

  • the category
  • Trust flow (TF)
  • Reference domains (RD)
  • True type font (TTF)
  • Domain authority
  • The authority page
  • The type of plan on which the site is registered

It also shows the categorization of each domain and its theme. Once you've chosen your site and plan, you can activate the plan. All you have to do is sign up for the plan that best suits your site and budget. For example, in my test, I opted for the general plan at €489 per month. TooLinks enabled me to pay with Stripe or PayPal. Once you've purchased your subscription, all you have to do as an advertiser is publish your ads on the sites of your choice.

Advantages & features of the Toolinks platform

A subscription-based netlinking site

To access Toolinks' services and launch your netlinking strategy, you need a subscription. This is what sets Toolinks apart from other platforms. For example, each publisher site is associated with one or more specific plansaccording to category and quality. Each plan has a specific price and allows you to benefit from a package of specific services. This allows you to integrate your links on hundreds of sites for a month or more. What I find interesting is that you can be visible on many sites at a low price.

Unbeatable prices

I also have to admit that, in addition to the variety of offers and subscription plans, TooLinks' rates are more than affordable. For example, with the advanced plan of 189 euros per month, you'll be entitled to publish your links on over 500 publisher sites. That's less than 0.5 euro per link. For effective and affordable links, you can also take a look at the ninjalinking.

Automatic publication of your links

You don't have to make publications manually. All you have to do is schedule them in advance, and then everything is done automatically. The TooLinks team will take care of moderating the broadcasts.

Toolinks' weaknesses

TooLinks' main weakness is its young age. For the moment, there are very few publisher sites on the site. With time, however, and given that TooLinks is owned by Ereferer, this is likely to change.

Sell links on the platform as a publisher

During my test, I didn't see any partnership plans with external publishers. The publisher sites are owned by Toolinks.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

As far as prices are concerned, they are mainly divided into 2 categories.

The classic plan

In this plan, you have two sub-categories of offers:

  • Visit basic plan. This plan will cost you 89 euros per month and entitles you to 150 credits, equivalent to 150 publications. You'll also benefit from 192 platforms on which to distribute your links.
  • Visit advanced plan. It costs 189 euros per month. You'll earn 500 credits, or 500 publications. You'll also be entitled to 550 publication platforms, including those in the basic plan.

With both plans, there's no limit to the number of editing actions you can take. And if you choose an annual subscription, you'll get 2 months free.

The premium pack

This pack includes 4 types of plans:

  • PBN Premium. This plan costs 139 euros a month. We give you access to 92 high-quality publisher sites with this offer. These sites have a high trust flow.
  • PBN Premium second pack. It costs 179 euros per month and gives access to 24 sites considered to be the best on the platform.
  • Google News. This offer costs 179 euros per month. You'll be entitled to 9 high-performance sites with high traffic and visibility. Admittedly, publications are made on a very limited number of sites. However, these sites have a very strong reputation and presence on the net.
  • General package. It costs 489 euros per month. It entitles you to 700 credits and over 700 sites where you can embed your links.

On these offers, you'll also get 2 months free if you opt for the yearly subscription.

Summary: review of the platform

Despite its recent presence online and in the netlinking market, TooLinks has all the makings of a big name. Its services are top-quality and stand out from the competition. And that's thanks to its subscription-based pricing policy. In fact, if you do the math properly, a publication on a site costs you 1 euro, or even less, on the classic offer. However, I have to point out that we don't yet have much choice in terms of destination sites. The platform still has only a hundred or so sites, although we can say that they have pretty good performance indicators.

To see the TooLinks website:

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