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The Internet is teeming with sites of all kinds. If you want yours to rank well on the search engines, you'll need to take care of SEO. It's a time-consuming job that requires a certain amount of skill. That's why there are more and more netlinking platforms on the net. These include Develink, Ereferer, Linksgarden or big names like Semjuice or Getfluence. At present, you also have the netlinking specialist LEOlytics. This platform can provideoptimizing your SEO. Although you can opt for any of the many platforms of the same type, you need to make the right choice, which is not easy when you consider the number of netlinking sites available today. In the case of LEOlytics, I've tested the platform and I'll tell you what I think of it.

Creation date :2018
Number of Partner Sites :Catalog of 5000 sites
Price range :
Possible delegation :

  • Smart LEO tool for customized media selection
  • High-quality websites available in several languages
  • Direct connection between buyers and sellers without intermediaries
  • Comprehensive site selection based on rigorous metrics
Weak points
  • Registration process can be perceived as restrictive due to pre-selection call
  • Platform available in English and Spanish only

Introducing the LEOlytics platform

To improve SEO results, it's often necessary to call on the services of professionals. LEOlytics can help. This platform works with numerous companies around the world. With this netlinking platform, you'll have access to top-quality services.

  • Getting and selling links. The LEOlytics netlinking platform registers 5,000 different websites that will enable you to acquire quality links. This enables you to organize your netlinking campaigns. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your website's ranking. This is important, because to be visible on the Internet, you need to be well referenced. You can also sell links on this netlinking platform.
  • Writing articles. With the LEOlytics netlinking site, you can write articles for different markets. You canwrite articles for the English, Portuguese and French markets and more. To make things easier for you, the platform includes a direct translation service.

How the LEOlytics website works

In terms of operation, the platform is easy to understand and use. It has a pleasant interface and you can choose a language, between Spanish and English for navigation. Once you've registered, you can explore all that LEOlytics has to offer.


To take full advantage of LEOlytics, you must first register. On the registration page, you can register as :

  • Advertiser For this type of account, you can advertise products or services on the site. Please note that with this account, you must make an appointment with the LEOlytics netlinking platform team before you can register.
  • Webmaster (media or blog) : A webmaster account allows you to include your site in the platform.
  • Writer The writer account lets you write articles and content online.

Once you've chosen the type of account you'd like to register with, fill in a short form. The netlinking platform asks you to enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number. It's important to fill in these fields with the correct information. Before your account is registered, you'll need to make a phone call. The LEOlytics team will contact you using the telephone number you have provided. If there are no problems, you will become a member of the LEOlytics community.

Link selection

LEOlytics has a vast network of sites and blogs with a variety of themes. Once you've completed your registration, you'll be able to browse the site's features. To choose your links, you can define your selection criteria and choose the sites that suit you best.

The tool Smart LEO tool can also help you. This tool enables you to make a meticulous selection of the sites best suited to your needs. Smart LEO tool not only helps you find the best sites for you, it also saves you time. You won't have to do a manual search every time you need links.

Buying on the platform

You can buy links and sponsored articles on the platform. There's no shortage of copywriters and backlink sites on LEOlytics. First of all, you need to find the website that best fits your theme. LEOlytics' intelligent algorithm will help you do just that. The algorithm can generate proposals tailored to your needs.

Once you've found the ideal site, you need to define the length of the article to be published. You can add photos and even videos. Other criteria are also available to help you define the content that suits you best.

Advantages & features of LEOlytics

Compared with other netlinking platforms, LEOlytics offers some attractive advantages

Smart LEO tool

Thanks to LEOlytics' intelligent algorithm, you'll be able to find personalized media without taking up too much time. In fact, this tool features metrics that analyze all the media present on the platform. You'll be able to compare the sites you're interested in in no time. For example, you can access historical graphs of visits and other information about a particular site. This is a major advantage of this netlinking platform.

Quality sites

The websites on LEOlytics are renowned for their quality. There are thousands to choose from. What's more, you can broaden your horizons thanks to the diversity of the market. Websites from Spain, France, the USA and Italy are all present on the platform. With such an advantage, you'll find it easier to increase your visibility.

Weak points of LEOlytics

The advantages of LEOlytics are certainly convincing, but there is one disadvantage worth mentioning.

A complicated registration process

When registering, prior contact with the platform team is required. In fact, a phone call is required before you can be considered a member of LEOlytics. This is not the case for the other platforms I've tested. This may upset some potential members. The team at this netlinking platform will even send you an e-mail asking for your CV.

I also note that the platform is only available in English and Spanish.

Sell links on LEOlytics as a publisher

On LEOlytics, you can sell links as a publisher. To do so, you need to register your site on the netlinking platform as. Ideally, you want to present a high-quality site that will meet the expectations of your future customers. It goes without saying that the services you offer must live up to LEOlytics' reputation. What's more, Smart LEO tool carefully selects the sites to be offered to buyers. So the higher the quality of your site, the easier it will be for you to sell.

Advertiser pricing details and how they work

As with most netlinking platforms, rates can vary greatly if you wish to buy as an advertiser. This will depend not only on the services you need, but also on the sites you're interested in. Publishers may offer different prices depending on what you're looking for.

Summary : LEOlytics review

After my experience with LEOlytics, I have to admit that it's a platform like no other. Its international presence and the existence of the intelligent algorithm are assets of great importance. There's a greater chance of increasing a site's visibility and achieving better SEO results. In my opinion, LEOlytics is a competent site that richly deserves its place in the field of netlinking. And that's even if some points, such as ease of access, need to be reviewed.

To see the Leolytics website: https://www.leolytics.com/

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